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Thread: Anyone else have the same entrepreneurial spirit?

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    Default Anyone else have the same entrepreneurial spirit?

    Just curious if anyone else fantasizes about what kind of an ab/dl business they would run if they had the time and money. Of course we are all familiar with the most popular ab/dl retailers online, but after studying business in college I'm always thinking of what's next for us? I don't expect anyone to share their big money making idea on this post but just wondering if it would be manufacturing, or producing certain media, or running an adult baby sitting services??


    PS this is my first original thread I've started so go easy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlizzardKid View Post
    PS this is my first original thread I've started so go easy!
    i acutually had plans that called for a sort of ab/dl hotel-apartment sort of thing. it would be commisioned with everything outside and inside to be extra large so us babies could feel smaller. i figured it would have staff who were also caretakers, that way everyone could play and have fun. also with a fully stocked wardrobe so every guest could choose an outfit to wear during the day and one outfit to use at night.
    so for a substantial rate,exclusively for us and of course, the suite fee would include complementary diapers

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    I'd get into the manufacture of custom-sized pacifiers and bottles, as most these days are just retro-fitted from the NUK stuff. I'd love to see the real thing brought to market for ABDLs. I've also thought about selling diaper patterns--or maybe just making the whole thing available online for free.
    Either way, give it a few years working in manufacturing, and maybe I'll have an idea of how to pilot it.

    Still, I'm not sure I'd want to have it associated with my name. I'd probably sell it to somebody whom isn't as concerned with their image being associated with a "fetish" community. (as most of the world perceives)

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    I would get in to manufacturing of Diapers, adult baby products, baby baby products, and electronics, I even have a desire to open up a computer shop.

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    I don't promote my business on adisc usually, but seeing as it is relevant to this post:

    AB DL Store for Aussies items - Get great deals on Adult Plastic Pants, Disposable Nappies items on eBay Stores!

    My customers really appreciate the quality of service and discreetness. It doesn't make me rich, but it more than pays for my habit :P

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    An ABDL business? I wouldn't. Instead, I would likely think about marketing the high-quality products like Dry 24/7, Abena, or even Bambinos to nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The Bambinos especially, would make it a lot easier for caregivers with the taping panel and more substantial quality. The designs could also aid in tape placement, and the more child-like graphics may even help make it more palatable, for patients with dementia especially. If I seem like I'm debilitating the ABDL crowd, I'm not. It's just that I hold the opinion that most techs would likely find a true diaper (ex: Bambino Bellasimos) to be more pleasant to look at and use on a patient, than something more akin to a "work appliance" (the green Tena Supers, for example). I would like to see hospitals use Dry 24/7's in their ambulatory surgery and medical wings, but sadly, that may never transpire.


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