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Thread: I don't love diapers.

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    Default I don't love diapers.

    But I'm in love with a diaper lover.

    I'm his real life girlfriend, and he asked me to be his internet girlfriend here on adisc.

    I always considered myself to be pretty knowledgeable about sexuality, but when Fork told me he was a DL I was surprised because it was something I had never heard of. It was my ego saying, "What? Huh? Are you serious?" Because he told me very early on, as a friend, I didn't find it to be a threat to our relationship. His having a fetish was irrelevant to my life....or so I thought then!

    But this is supposed to be an introduction about myself....

    I'm divorced after 18 years of marriage. I have two grown children whom I adore.

    I have a great career, and wonderful friendships.

    That's pretty much hobbies, really. I mean, I like doing things outdoors, going out with friends...but I don't really read much or watch movies, or collect things. Pretty ordinary, all in all! Except for... (return to top) lol <3

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    Welcome to ADISC, Forksgirl! I'm glad that you are so accepting, and willing to work with Fork. That's wonderful! So many of us here fear what will happen if/when our boyfriends/girlfriends find out. It's been particularly hard for me, as being AB/DL has pretty much prevented me from making friends. Knowing that there are people like you out there gives me a ray of hope.

    I hope you continue to explore what being a DL is all about. You could be an important resource for us, if you're willing. It's nice to get an opinion from someone who ISN'T a AB/DL, especially on things like relating to non-AB/DLs. Please, feel free to skim though some threads and add any insights you might have. I'm sure they'd be appreciated.

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    I don't like the term "lover". I mean they're neat but I don't want to marry them or anything.

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    Forksgirl is anything but ordinary! I'd like to welcome her to the site and thank her for being willing to be part of this community. She is incredibly open-minded, progressive and an all all around neat gal. I love her and I hope you all do too.

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    Congratulations to you both. I am your age and married (no kids). My wife, of course, has been in a similar situation for many years now. I wear to manage my incontinence and I have to admit liking diapers (most of the time anyway) and being a bit of a AB. My wife does not like diapers. However, she understands my situation and copes with it. We have used them in the past in foreplay (although pretty sparingly).

    Anyhow, welcome to this site. You'll find some of us are very understanding and quite experienced with diapers and age play (and, maybe somewhat jaded too). But, we are mostly just a wide range of people, usually doing all sorts of normal type things unrelated to diapers and such.

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    Welcome also. My wife has accepted me and it's a nice feeling. You are one of the special people. Us littles are usually pretty nice people.

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    Yay for being understanding and taking interest in knowing more about this side of him ,
    it is not easy for us sometimes

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    Welcome, Like everyone said it is very encouraging to see someone be so accepting of the AB/DL world. We do find it a very scary thing to tell friends and family and especially significant others about our situation. For me My Mother found out and kinda chewed me out about it. Since then she makes little remarks about it that drive me up a wall. She has basically said to me that do I think anyone would ever date someone who sucks a binky and uses a bottle? Well the answer is yes there are some. It gives all of us hope when we see a successful relationship of a fellow ABDL. You are Fork are a light at the end of a tunnel! Thanks for Joining. Hope you like it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binkygirl View Post
    My Mother found out and kinda chewed me out about it. Since then she makes little remarks about it that drive me up a wall. She has basically said to me that do I think anyone would ever date someone who sucks a binky and uses a bottle?
    My mom would do and say the exact same thing. She knew that I started back wearing diapers at an early age and was always trying to discourage me wearing them and playing with childish toys. But, my family were always ones to brush unpleasant or not quite normal things under the rug. These comments are basically a form of shame and guilt and, unfortunately, for those of us that are ABDL or have to wear diapers because of control problems, this kind of talk (especially from a parent) can be devastating on your emotions. What you need from your parents is support not them trying to tear you down for something you can't help. Sheesh.

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