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Thread: Best Diaper Bag

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    Default Best Diaper Bag

    Where do you carry your spare diapers? Is the man's purse or women's purse the best solution. The backpack no longer works for me. The sports bag is too big.

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    The backpack is not easy to hide when you eat out. There has to be some other good options.

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    Backpack has always worked for me. Big enough for me to carry any other stuff I need with me. Diapers, plastic bags, spare clothes, laptop and some chocolate. Its not obvious to other people what is being carried inside, and if you were to look down into the bag when first opened the diapers wouldn't be in sight.

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    If I were to use a diaper bag it would be a backpack. I have a specific backpack that I love, has a ton of pins on it from Disney World, and a keychain plush of Stitch. Also has two new editions, a husky pin and one of bunnywarez logo.

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    I don't see anything wrong with using a backpack. plus it's more convenient since you can carry more stuff then just diapers.

    Anyways why can't you use a backpack anymore? If you can't use that, then why would you be able to use a messenger bag when their essentially the same thing.

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    I am thinking of getting a male carry bag and a smaller laptop. This would be good for restaurants and such I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    Where do you carry your spare diapers? Is the man's purse or women's purse the best solution. The backpack no longer works for me. The sports bag is too big.
    You certainly wouldn't use a purse in the UK. A purse here is the thing you carry your money in! Two countries separated by a common language.....

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    I don't wear out in public so I have no reason to carry diapers around. But if I did I'd just use a backpack or sling bag.

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    I'm not sure why anyone would need to 'hide' their backpack when eating out. Colour me perplexed! But just shove it under the table, or under your chair. sheesh!

    I always used a backpack. As others have pointed out you can carry a multitude of things in the backpack along with a couple of diapers for 'quick changes'.

    Heck...even Nestlé diaper bags are backpacks these days. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nestle-baby-pack-samples-coupons-freebies-baby-samples.jpg 
Views:	2615 
Size:	33.3 KB 
ID:	7948 I love it 'cause it has a place for my cell phone on the strap, a roomy main pocket with inside pocket for a bottle, and a mesh pocket, a smaller front zipper pocket, and a 'bottle' pouch on the side (it will fit ore than just baby bottles, btw). Note, this is a bit smaller than a laptop backpack...but would be easier to 'hide'...and it's a neutral black with lime green accents! And if that's not enough the logo is on the inside of the main pocket rather than the outside, so it's good for anything. :-)

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