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Thread: About Me and My Urge Incontinence Care

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    Exclamation About Me and My Urge Incontinence Care

    I am a user of incontinence supplies and have to by my doctor to wear briefs everyday 24/7 for life. I have to be changed promptly by my caregiver for to ensure proper fit and cleanliness. I use Tranquility all through the night with a contour booster pad and there are future plans by my caregiver that I may end up in thicker briefs at night and certain times of the day. I suffer from urge bladder and bowel incontinence.

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    That's too bad about incontinence (never a fun thing to have, but hey you gotta make do with what you have!). Anyways I hope you can find support and friends here at ADISC. Other than your incontinence it would be more beneficial to all the members here at ADISC to explain your hobbies interests, job (if you feel comfortable doing so) etc. This will more properly introduce yourself to the community and allow us to know you as a person better.

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    Thanks for the reply. I will be explaining my hobbies here, but I hope we can have full understanding and also talk about our medical conditions. We need to not keep the cat in the bag so much. You see I have had this problem, but I was afraid to talk about it to people until it got so annoying that I had to let the cat out of the bag, be honest and talk to someone who would reallly understand. The staff member I was talking to said that she recommended me to wear a protective undergarment. So I started making my own homemade pads until my stepfather found out that I was using so much toilet paper. I explained to my stepfather that I am having problems with leakage and dribbling. So I he had made an appointment to see a doctor, she referred me to a urologist in 2003. I started wearing Guards For Men, but I needed something for the night because the leakage was continuous and the dribbling. The my parents wanted me to use pullups along with the guards for men. I was also wearing adult diapers from Walmart because the pull ups were leaking on me when I had to go and cannot hold because of my overactive bladder. My parents take me to the urologist again for a second opinion. After the urodynamics tests came out I was diagnosed in 2005, the doctor says I have a overactive bladder, so he had to recommend me to adult diapers in a medium. Over time when I was taking care of myself, did not know how to clean myself up I end up having diaper and heat rashes because I was trying to change myself as best as I can, and that is when I started knowing I could not do this myself and I was using too many wipes and cream and other things I had to get help from my friends in the past, then when Tina came to my life she started helping me with my needs and the rashes never came back, so I could not bathe myself right either. Things are getting better since Tina came into my life and she helps me cook and help me clean the apartment up and I help her too with her needs and we go out to eat and go to movies and shopping sometimes.

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