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    Default Quick Question: Depends Max

    Does anyone know if the most recent Depends Maximum Protection diapers are Plastic?

    I may not have been paying attention, but I heard they made the big change as did most companies. And if they did.. well then... I will cry

    Okay maybe not, but that would suck!

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    Well I'm not sure about most recent but the pack that I have of Depends Max is cloth-backed or whatever you call it. Not plastic.

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    i just bought some a few minutes ago, they are still plastic, nothing has really changed about them at all nothing to worry about

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    Just saw a bunch of the Depends Max (6 tabs) on clearance. I have only found them in plastic backed. I ordered 10 packages the last time Rite Aid had them on sale.

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    I bought some the other day, and IDK but I feel like the plastic is definitely different that it was a year or so ago. that could just be because Ive been using x-plus and molicares for a few months.

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    I bought some today they were on clearence for 3.97 each. I bought one maximum fitted brief and one maximum protection with tabs. they were both plastic but maybe since they were on clearence they are moving them off the shelves for cloth?

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    An update here; I went to CVS to get these Depends.
    Yes, they are still plastic backed; however, it looks as though they may be on the out.
    I got them for $3, for a 20 pack. They normally sell for $12+
    So yeah, if you want them get them NOW!

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