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    Default Just arrived.

    Hi i am Samantha. I am new here and not sure if this is exactly the right place to come. I'll tell my story anyway and see if you could maybe redirect me or just tell me if this places deals with such matters?

    I am nineteen and studying childcare in the United Kingdom. I live in the Leicester area at the moment with my stepmother and stepbrother. I am saving for my own place but my stepmother doesn't want me to move out yet which i guess makes sense in a bit.

    Anyway, sorry, my stepbrother is seventeen and about three months ago he was in a car accident that he caused. He was with three friends and hit another car with a toddler in it. Thankfully nobody was killed and the injuries most people suffered were not serious just broken bones and stuff. My stepbrother however sustained a serious brain injury mainly due to not wearing a seatbelt. By all accounts it is not one that will leave him incapacitated but has had serious effects on his mental and physical abilities. The doctors say he has lost memories including motor memory which apparently is about how to control your body and he has had a reduction in his overall iq which will apparently be permanent.

    I'm not sure how to summarise it really, but he's gone from being a seventeen year old boy driving around, drinking and causing trouble, to something like a baby. The doctors say he needs to relearn everything and even though he can do this because his brain has enough normal areas to handle relearning, he will take two or three times longer than a normal person would. They tell us he needs to start from scratch, as in from being like a baby to relearning about his muscles and stuff. Language and everything! I asked them if this meant he would need to learn to walk again and they said yes but only after he could sit up and crawl again. I know it is gross but he can't control his body at all. He does poop and pee himself but it is adult sized. It feels really freaky to be changing him as he looks exactly the same as he did. But apparently it will be years and years before he can talk and he can't even crawl yet.

    I feel really bad but i can't help thinking he kind of deserves it because he could have killed someone and he was generally not a nice guy. But he is still my stepbrother. If i move out my stepmother would be left with him and i feel bad that she has to get people other than me to help with him. Some of his old friends visit but i don't think it is right.

    Is anyone else here similar or am i in the wrong place?

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    Umm, this is a support forum primarily designed for those who,

    1. Like wearing diapers (on their own accord)
    2. Like taking part in infantilism
    3. Are incontinent (including bedwetting), and/or
    4. Know someone, are friends with or related to someone else who falls into one or more of the above 3 categories.

    I think you might have the wrong forum. But we welcome all people here. We don't exclude on the basis you aren't into it. Stick around, you might learn something interesting!

    Welcome anyway, but it'll be understandable if you don't want to hang around.

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    I think i only know someone with that problem. It isn't really a choice on his part though. I probably have it wrong. But thanks for the info.

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