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Thread: Best Peeing Drinks

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    Default Best Peeing Drinks

    What are the best drinks to clear your urine fast? I have heard cranberry juice and tea with caffine are the best. Do these make you pee more in your diaper?

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    Beer , coke and flavoured water does it for me

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    monster energy drink, nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddybear206 View Post
    monster energy drink
    i cant drink that stuff , waay to much caffine in it makes me feel really funny

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    Anything with caffeine, because caffeine is a diuretic.

    Water is also pretty good, with the added benefit that it won't smell as bad.

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    I buy a case of the green tea in bottles. Not as much caffine and easy to drink.

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    I guess the only thing that matters is the water and diuretic content... Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, so will make you pee more (but could increase your dehydration levels), but almost everything else should make you pee at the same rate.

    I doubt the diuretic effect is particularly great, so there doesn't seem any point in specifically drinking a pint of beer because it will make you pee -- you'll probably get the same effect from drinking 1.1 pints of water, plus you won't be dehydrated and your liver won't suffer!

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    coffee if you drink it and any kind of soda, teas and alcohol based beverages work well also and of course the old standby water.

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    Caffeine/Alcohol which are both diuretics + volume of water

    The specific formulation doesn't much matter.

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    soda for me, it takes a while to go through but its worth the wait

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