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    Default Surrender to Diaper

    Do you ever just surrender and pee in your diaper when a toilet is available? Does it seem to happen when you are just feeling lazy? Or do you just let it go in your diaper?

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    I just surrender and go with the flow. The warmth of the wee is very nice.
    But very soon after that I want to change diaper and clean my self. This is just for pee, not for poo.

    I can change diapers up to 4 times in an afternoon. The garbage bin is filling quickly when that happens.

    Just the crinckling feeling of a fresh diaper and the taping up, is super.

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    If I'm wearing a diaper, it's with the assumption that I'm going to use it, so there's no real question of "surrender". It's part of the experience. I certainly wouldn't be taking it off to use the toilet and putting it back on. Perhaps it's a question more relevant to people who wear more frequently.

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    im just a lazy videogaming [removed] so i pretty much just do it cuz its fun and im lazy.
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    I also agree, i just surrender and let the pee fill my diaper it feels so good. Since im wearing a diaper might has well use it. Besides who would take off a dry one to pee then put it back on.

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