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Thread: I've no interest in sex for the first time in my life.(Adult topic, but non-graphic discusion)

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    Question I've no interest in sex for the first time in my life.(Adult topic, but non-graphic discusion)

    All my life since was 9 years old I've been sexually active and am now 32. I didn't discover diapers, AB's or DL's till I was 24. When I got with my last BF(a cub as well), I thought he was as sexually active as me. Long story short, we were together 5 years and not much happened, loved him all the same though at the time felt neglected in that realm. While we were together, My inner-cub kinda went in to a coma due to my depression. Both before and after we broke up, I was still a lil horn-ball but my cub was still gone and I thought for good.....

    Here in like the last 5 months, I've been getting hit on, flirted with and commented to by everyone, there mother and even father(In RL and online) telling me how cute/hot/yummy/yiffy/(Fill in the Adjective) I am and how much they wanna yiff/hump/rape/molest me. Really I was getting annoyed after the first 10 days of this just cause I've never had, wanted, desired or expected this kinda attention.

    Recently, I met a now-good friend whom within the first weekend of me visiting managed to bring out my cub in a full-blown permanent way(Even found my self wanting to go and complete my path to 24/7). I found my self wanting to be padded, cubbed out and babied like I hadn't in at least 4 years.

    Here's were things kinda go weird for me. Within 2 weeks of being around him, I just lost interest in the one thing that has always gone through my head since before I was 10 years old. I still feel the urge and will take care of my self on occasion, but all in all I could care less now about going to find such "Adult" things. For the most part I think I'm happier keeping things in my Nappy!

    Don't get me wrong, even though the thought of sex kinda repels me now, I enjoy adult play and I am sure the right situation would get me wanting to be naughty; but I found my self tonight faced with a guy whom I would rate him a 9 out of 10 in both brains and body, all while double-padded under my overalls and sweater(he couldn't tell I was padded), and without batting an eyelash I said "I wasn't interested". I've never done that! I actually said to this 9 as we talked on words I've never spoken in any form..... that "I'm not doing anything sexual till I have a mate(or bro or daddy) again, If at all!"

    Like I said, I think I'm finding I'm happier keeping it in my Nappy.

    I guess what I am getting as is that I could use some outside input. From my perspective, this is a dramatic change of personality in myself to occur noticeably within the last month. Has anyone else been through a change of self like this?

    (Note:I also find this whole thing ironic since my ex probably would have loved this while we were together. No sexual pressure, all cub all the time!! lol)

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    I've been a DL sexually since I was 3 and an AB since probably about 16, though my AB fantasies were always centerred around me and my imaginary (or real) partner being actual babies physically, but adult minds. I didn't know what infantilism or AB/DL was until 2 months ago when I discoverred this site. Within the last 2 months, I started exploring my AB side a little more, and discoverred that my sexual side really started minimizing!

    Now I know an ABDL's secret anti-aphrodesiac!

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