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Thread: Perfect times to wear seem to coincide with high risk

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    Default Perfect times to wear seem to coincide with high risk

    Has anyone else realized how annoyingly common it is for the perfect time to wear / benifit from diapers is always also when it's a high risk time to wear them?

    For me i'm going in for a very minor operation on Thursday morning. I'll be IV sedated and on pain meds for the rest of the day afterward. I'm thinking that would be the perfect time to pad up and not have a care in the world, but i can't help but think about how if i end up having to get rushed to ER afterward it might not be the greatest thing. xD

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    I would wait to see how the surgery goes lol, good luck to ya on that front. But yeah I find that each time I wear has different levels of want versus timing. Sometimes I will really want to wear and it is a terrible time and other times would be perfect for wearing but then I never really want to.

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    Life often offers a lot of new challenges. For this one I would just be well prepared and bring a good supply of diapers with you and bring the extras. Be wishes for a fast recovery.

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    when your on pain meds you actually cant really control what you do so they might think it was just the meds

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    good points here. and good luck on that surgery. but if your going to wear, be sure to wear a diaper that looks "medical" (molicare, depends, etc), instead of a babyish diaper (bambinos, cushies), so then if you do have to go back to the hospital, the doctors will see your diaper and wont wonder why there's all these babyish designs on it. they'll just think your wearing it cuz you need it if that makes sense.

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