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Thread: Black Disposable Diaper

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    Default Black Disposable Diaper

    Would you buy and wear a black disposble diaper? Would you prefer another plain color or prints?
    1 pcs size M Fabine Black + 10 pcs size M white Fabine Exklusiv - Buntewindel

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    I think I would be up to trying a black diaper! Although, I do perfer seeing yellow when I start to swell! :X

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    Daaaaang. Never thought I would see anything like such. Looks like they took a very strong nitrite material and used that for the outer shell.

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    Hmm...I could see the 'goth baby' crowd going for those black nappies! :-D

    Not really 'my thing' tho'...the printed ones are kinda cute...but again...I'm not really into 'diapers' these days.

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    The prints are very cute, though having the web address on it would sort of ruin it for me.

    As for the black, not my thing. Actually, I really don't like the color, period.

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    I like black and where it often but thats a no go for me. I like to kinda be able to so whats going on.

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    I don't guess you'd wear one under thin white shorts unless you wanted others to know.

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    I like to be able to see when I wet, and white diapers equal win, so no black :p haha

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    Although I do love seeing my pee stains I would love to have this diaper! It would go well with all of my black metal band shirts :P

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