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Thread: Leaking in the Hospital

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    Default Leaking in the Hospital

    Last night I was in the hospital for some tests. I put on what I thought was my best diaper which was a Dry 24/7. I also added a ATN booster pad. At midnight I had soaked the bed and they had to come to change the sheets. I added a towel under my diaper after drying out my plastic pants in the bathroom. Why do you think it leaked so bad? The diaper was not really soaked so I kept it on all night. What I thought would be leak proof was not. Any ideas what I should do next time?

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    Man your threads are next level.

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    Ah, this is a common simple problem and easy to fix. You must have accidentally applied the diaper inside out, simply remember to apply diapers with the absorbent side AGAINST the body and the moisture proof barrier on the OUTSIDE.

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    Refresh my memory, are you actually incontinent or do you wear for pleasure? I'm guessing it's the former if you wet automatically, but still, if you're a heavy wetter the diaper might not have been enough. Or it's possible you were a little too padded.

    I know that in my early days if I peed while sitting in a chair at certain angle, the diaper would still leak a bit from the pressure.

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    I bet someone wanted a laugh and poured water all over you while you were sleeping. They pulled the waist elastic and poured in a pint or two of warm water.
    I am not sure of the answer here, I wear the same stuff every night with similar results. I wonder why you made a puddle ?

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    Sometimes it's just the way the diaper fits with your body, not necessarily the quality of the diaper. If your legs are a certain shape and the leg holes of the diaper aren't just so, for example, you can end up with a leak wearing the best diaper. I would say you should check all possible leak points next time you wear to sleep to make sure everything's secure. If it keeps happening, try a different brand.

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    I agree with slim. I even leaked an M4 from 1 wetting. Pretty disappointing on my first trial. I think sitting can also cause some leakage problems.

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    have you tried an Orca stack?

    It is a thick disposable built by compositing an adult diaper, an adult stuffer, and a pad.
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    I think what he should do, is man up and ask for a catheter. A Foley catheter.

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