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Thread: Diapers coming in handy

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    Talking Diapers coming in handy

    So the other night my boyfriend and I left my mom's house to come back to school, but we forgot to use the bathroom before left. Not even halfway up the road we both had to pee really badly. Fortunately I was wearing a diaper, so I used it. Afterwards I looked over at my boyfriend who was still trying to hold it in and said, "See, wearing a diaper has it's advantages."

    Has anyone else had one of those moments where your diapers came in handy?

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    When you don't wanna wake parents at 5 AM by opening a noisy bathroom door.
    :p I think diapers are handy in general, there isn't any need for a special occasion.
    AND since you don't hold up your waste it's actually good to let go in a diaper

    But try to tell that to a normal person


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    absolutley. I have on several occations gone skiing with a friend when I was wearing a diaper. and on the drive back he always succums to so much pain because he has to pee really bad when we are stuck in traffic. its really fun to not have to suffer such pains, I can just let go in my diaper.

    I usually am padded all day and I dont use it until about half way through the day. so on the drive up I will stop and use a gas station bathroom or something. They help keep my rear end warm throughout the day too .

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    There is so many times that diapers have saved me from wetting all over everything. It is just wonderful underwear protection.

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    I often joke to my girlfriend about how useful they are. When we're on the couch and she is too lazy to go to the bathroom and has to get up, "See, this is where diapers come in". She can appreciate the joking luckily

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    They come in handy daily. If your going to wear them you might as well use them. However, I only pee in them. The other is just too messy and a hastle to clean up.

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    I wore skiing this winter too. There were some times when I couldn't get to the restroom in time and the diapers really served their purpose. The padding helped keep me warm too.

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    Sometime ago I was in the supermarket with my 3y old son and had to go quite urgently.

    Luckily I was wearing a M2, so while waiting in the queue to pay, I let it flow. Aaahhhhh.

    My wife lol'ed when I told her afterwards.

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    6 months ago or so I came home from work early, while my wife was at work. I had been wearing diapers throughout the day at work (work in a small office, and only one other person was there that day) I had been having some cramps since lunch and was going to use the bathroom, when a work call came in on my phone. Had to pull up some schematics on my computer when I suddenly just messed my diaper pretty bad. Probably could have made it to the toilet, but I was on the phone, and at the computer and didn't want to interrupt the person I was speaking with. 45 minutes later, finally was able to get off the phone, and get cleaned up.

    At 19, I once messed myself pretty bad. Wish I had a diaper on then.

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    It's a real drag having to walk off a paintball field just to go pee... a diaper could be helpful while playing paintball with friends! But... the chafing would be horrible lol..

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