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Thread: Were to buy tena slip on high street

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    Default Were to buy tena slip on high street

    Dose anyone no were I can buy tena slip on the high street I live near reading do it would be help full if any one nos

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    This is complex - the list of retailers supplied by Tena is limited in number - and most only carry the lighter products - not Tena slip's. See Retailers - TENA

    But don't despair there is usually one particular chemist/pharmacy that carried a good amount of incontinence supplies - not just Tena gear. Often other pharmacies will be able to tell you which is the best place to purchase - it often depends on the particular premises having enough shelf/storage space to be able to stock the bulky packs of nappies.

    The big chains of pharmacies - LLoyd and Co-op chemists etc. will be able to order the Tena products in for you - often very quickly.

    The easy thing to do is to ring up a few pharmacies and ask if they stock or can get you what you want - be prepared to state the size and capacity you need to (as they say) avoid disappointment.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Bby,
    I live in reading and there isn't really a place that sells them, all of the supermarkets just do the lighter stuff - pull ups and the like.

    There is a day Lewis pharmacy in
    Woodley which occasionally sells the Tena Slip Supers but last time I went there (a month or so ago) they had nothing.

    I need to check the closet pharmacy to me as I think they have a new stock in.

    I'll get back to you when I do

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    I know asda in the pharmacy sell tena slip supers and they aren't a bad price when i last bought some

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    Quote Originally Posted by babydoug View Post
    I know asda in the pharmacy sell tena slip supers and they aren't a bad price when i last bought some
    As stated in other posts, it is only certain ASDAs that stock them and there would bot seem to be any correlation to size of store. The only one that I know of is Sheffield and when I called in there last week, they only had them in large.

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