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    My disposables (Dry 24/7's and Abena M2/M4's) aren't fitting right in the waist. I'm not sure why not... They're incredibly loose in the waist, but when I do the thighs, I almost get them too tight. It's not a huge issue, I can just hold them up with my underwear and not have a problem, but I'd prefer they be nice and snug.

    Before the suggestion comes up, I did get the right waist size, I just think I'm doing something wrong with the tapes.

    Any help?

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    Hi Kuukuu.
    We have different body shapes, and therefore all have to slightly adjust the way we tape on our diapers. Also diapers come in different cuts, so again will fit us differently. I for one do not like the shape of the Abena quite as much as some other products. But their absorbency makes me get them :-)

    A few things to perhaps check..
    - When you put them on, are you sitting far enough back on the diaper to allow it to come high enough up the front between your legs? Also, in the same way, you don't want it really high at the front and lower rise at the back. Sometimes finding a better balance helps.
    - do you tape lower tapes first? If not, please do so. You can then get the thigh tightness more perfected, and then when it feels comfy there, use the upper tapes to tighten snug around your waste.
    - sometimes it is enough to just tape upper tape, if they are too snug on the thighs.

    Holding them up with your underwear will not give you the same safe fit, and if you intend to use diapers heavily, then you will leak much sooner.

    Good luck!!

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    You might consider rolling them under the waist before you put on the tapes. They should be able to adjust before you finalize. I am not sure a stuffer would help your fitting challenge.

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