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    I know all buy cute baby thing play for self and fun but I find more fun when actual shop for real baby like aunt having a baby boy and can't wait. I found really cool baby projector that show stars on the ceiling and show different colors over time and play music. I can't wait to see how the baby reacts to this thing it so fun sees their little face.

    Does anyone like shop for actual baby like me where think more fun than buying for yourself?

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    i do that a lot but it's all just looking though! or window shopping so to speak. it is a lot of fun!

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    I have a lot of fun shopping for Christmas toys for my youngest cousin. He's not a baby anymore, but that's actually cool because I can shop for "big kid" toys now.

    The radio controlled Batmobile went over really, really well

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    As a dad of two under two, theres baby crap all over the place. Feet mangled by stepping on toys and mystery food left under the couch cushions by miss toddler.

    I haven't bought anything in forever because everyone else does. I've got 2 boxes of toys in the linen closet, the playpen has become a dumping spot for stuffed animals and there's a million baby clothes everywhere!

    Slowly losing my sanity here

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