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Thread: I finally did it!!!

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    Default I finally did it!!!

    Well 1st off my names Adam..and ive ben thinkin bout this whole adult diaper situation for a long i did it..and I finally purchased some diapers. It bein my 1st time i jus got a sample deal so i dont wast em since i dont kno which will fit better. But i cant wait to get them on!!!..ive ben watchin videos online about adult diapers an it looks soooo fun!!!

    Any one have any fun things they like to do while wearing a diaper??

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    First off, welcome to Adisc.

    We assume you have some interest in diapers since you started in account here. But what really helps you to fit in is to tell us what else there is about you. What kind of sports do you like, what kind of music do you listen to, etc.

    Also I would recommend looking around and reading other people's posts. You don't have to be a Harvard English major to make a post here, but we tend to appreciate it if you put a little work in to your posts. I see you're capable of typing in plain clear English, but your post is peppered with what I would call "text speak" for the sake of diplomacy.

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