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Thread: Bedwetting Diapers & Dating

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    Default Bedwetting Diapers & Dating

    How do you deal with a date when you are wearing diapers? Do you introduct the subject? It is diifficult to make out in the car when you know her hands may go where you are suprised.

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    DON'T MENTION IT! How would you feel if someone you dated suddenly said she wants you to put a tentacle up her....
    Okay maybe overdone it a bit there, but still it's kind of like that.

    Unless you're IC I'd say you better just be yourself WITHOUT diapers the first date,
    and if it catches on meet up at eachothers places. You know build a nice relationship with that person and be genuinly nice to him/her.
    Than when you feel like it's the right time, talking about private stuff you should ask him/her to play a game of truth or dare or something to get to
    some delicate information in an easy way.

    Than ask her if she has any fetishes. If everything goes right she'd tell you something. If not, go first and tell about yours.
    But try not to be too enthousiast. Instead a bit shy, people like that for some reason. This way you can introduce your true selfs
    to eachother without surprising/scaring eachother.

    Hope this helps,

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    I agree, don't! If things get serious and you fully trust this person, then slowly ease into the subject perhaps. If it does come up, you can always explain.

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    I dealt with this for awhile, and over time became confident in public about wearing 24/7 - most people at the bar I frequent know I wear (it's a leather bar, they stick out often...) and, although I've been weary about wearing into bed with a new person before, it doesn't bother me much any more - I just tell them like it is, and by showing that I'm comfortable with it, it shows them that there's nothing to be uncomfortable about - I don't give them the option to be! :P

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    Being's not an option.

    But in the people I've met I've gone two ways.

    Hide it...not good for more than a date or two IMHO...beyond that you'll be asked why didn't you tell me before. What else are you hiding type of coments


    Now as a fetish...I'd say...don't bring it up till fetish is a topic...then bring it up as your thing...

    My 2 c

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    I think the problem is the changing conditions. If you always wear, they will understand more easily.


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    I think it's very much a third or fourth date thing.

    I admitted it up front to my current partner, but when you meet someone through craigslist it's best to get everything out into the open to avoid unpleasent surprises before you do anything serious.

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    I agree with others...unless you are IC, it's strongly recommended not bring up on 1st date... maybe after few months knowing each other or so. If there's potential to lead to serious relationship, then by all the means, bring it up gently such as asking if she have fetishes and discuss fetishes in general then mention diapers and see what's her reaction to that. Then you can determine what to do from that point. For my case, only thing I must reveal prior to dating is my transgender past so there wouldn't be any surprises and ensure they are okay with that... if not then I move on and save all of the trouble.

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    Telling your date is something you don't want to do until you think things are getting serious. I would say about two weeks after becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. If your just dating, her hands shouldn't be straying under your belt until... well, not when your dating. If your IC, telling someone that doesn't need to be a pressing issue like telling them you have some other medical condition should be. Let them find out when they find out, because coming right on out with it in the first date is a bit awkward. It's a medical thing, so let it fly under the radar like one until it needs to be brought to light.

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    Don't hide it. Be who you are and honest and mature about it. I would really like to hear back how this goes and the response.

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