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    Finally got around it a go XD scale from 1-10, 1 being bad:

    Comfort 10
    Fit 10
    Thickness 8
    Noise, real quiet, so depending on if you like noise or not it is ether a 2 or a 9 XD
    Absorbancy 2 I gave it a over full bladder full which for me is around 12-15 OZ. It was fine standing & walking around & still quite comfortable but as I suspected when I sat & really tried to force it to leak I lost maybe an ounce.

    Clean up 7 real easy here just hit it with the shower head in the tub & squish it out a few times. the real drawback & drying time. I have it hanging over a squirrel cage fan that really pumps out the air so it should be dry in a few hours. I am a tad leery to put in the dryer fearing it may shrink or damage the PVC inner liner.

    Cost 1 Real dam expensive I would say to be useful you would need to dam near have a weeks worth so you are looking at almost $400.

    My use/need for diapers is limited & when I need them I rarely go more than an ounce or so. so for me this one I like. The comfort I was pleasantly surprised by & I would not mind at all swapping these out for my daily underwear. if I could afford to do it that is XD

    I got mine at Amazon & was in my mail box 2 days after ordering.

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    These diapers are made to be machine washed and dried.
    Cloth diapers are more absorbant once washed a few time.

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    definitely needs to go through the wash a couple times to make it more absorbent, if you put them in the dryer do use a low heat and dry with other things like towels to help prevent melting the outer plastic layer. if you still need more absorbency you can add some small prefolds inside the main diaper to really boost it with minimal bulk increase a disposable booster can also be used and you can just swap out the boosters during the day if the actual diaper has not been wet yet.

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    thanks for the tip. I will try putting it through the wash. absorbancy aside I really love how comfortable this diaper is

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    Is the leak master plastic pants made by Gary's Manufacturing?

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    If I had the money I would get them. Perhaps I should bring it up to the person who get's me diapers. Yeah in the short run they will cost a lot but in the long run they will seriously save $$$ and reduce the pillage in the land fills. Though I am not really a Green person. The only green person that I know is ether the Hulk or the Green Giant.

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