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Thread: Diaper allergy

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    Default Diaper allergy

    I seem be having an allergic reaction to the cloth back disposable diaper everyone I tried so far I break out from what's causing a redness around the upper leg area. I know when was baby and still this day I have an allergic reaction to a lot of soap and laundry detergent I only use one kind of each.

    I think need to go back to plastic back disposable diaper again because never had reaction from them like being with the cloth version now.

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    I Dont think it will be a reaction to the cloth it's self because it made of plastic.

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    I don't know but never had a problem with normal plastic back diaper maybe it just rubbing my upper leg because too tight on me but don't feel tight to me.

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    Maybe it's the rubbing of paper against your skin which is causing redness. The plastic would be smoother and less abrasive.

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    I think next order go back plastic it not going way while wear cloth back disopable so need switch back and I know it not anything do with diaper rash becuase try cream and time air out.

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    Rub a bit of cream on the affected areas and keep going a few more days with them. It may just be your skin getting used to the new material. This rash is normal, quite a lot of people get it if they are getting hot, or walking/running quite a bit through the day. Because the paper like cloth is rough it will rub a bit more, but you sometimes get used to it. I wear plastic backed and still get that rash sometimes.

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    I'd say it's a skin problem. Your skin reacts to either the material of the diaper, or the physical rubbing the diaper causes on your legs. Do you get those red spots when wearing certain type of underwear, shorts or pants that cause a lot of rubbing on your legs?


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    Actually no never had a problem with normal problem with wear pants and a lot pretty tight fit jean and still wear plastic back with them never had redness. The only time ever had redness was heat rash during summer with plastic back what like prickly heat.

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    Another idea might be to change the diaper rash lotion. A & D Ointment works for me when a change in creams is needed.

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    Would wearing a pair of normal cotton undies help with the diaper over the top ?

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