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Thread: Free reign.

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    Default Free reign.

    What would you do if you were stuck in a Walmart for a month with no one but yourself. No access to the outside world. There is only one toilet but it is filthy. Anything you do in there will not be monitored and at the end of the month you get out of there with no evidence whatsoever that it was you that was in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    Clean the toilet.
    My thought as well. Not to mention that I wouldn't be in a Walmart for much less than a zombie apocalypse. Being trapped in a building just doesn't activate my diaper senses.

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    I'd be banging my head on the walls in between reading books, watching DVD's, and running around in the store like a lunatic.

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    Take a lighter, lighter fluid, and propane so I can use it to burn the toilet. I will then use a sledgehammer and chainsaw to destroy the burned toilet. FUCK TOILETS!!!

    Being a diaper lover, I will only use the store's diapers for the bathroom because the actual bathroom will have been destroyed in protest. I will take poster board and a marker and make a sign that says "God hates toilets", then go to a toilet salesman's funeral to protest. Did I mention that at the protest I will wear nothing but a Walmart diaper?

    When I get back to the Walmart, I will dispose of my used diapers in the destroyed bathroom and have a sleepover in the camping section, complete with a camping stove, sleeping bag, tent, and fishing pole (because I am too lazy to grab items from other aisles myself). I will make s'mores, using graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. Of course, the marshmallows will be used for other purposes as well.

    Out of boredom, I will light small fires around the store, shoot their rifles and shotguns from the sporting goods department, play their video games, and watch their DVD and Blu-ray movies on their (now mine) flat-screen TV. I may get adventurous and try on some of their women's clothing. I will later build houses out of toilet paper/paper towels, just to burn them down. When I am done with that Walmart, the entire store will look like Hiroshima combined with Ground Zero (or just the entire nation of Somalia); the only exception being the used diapers littered everywhere like landmines in a post-Yugoslavian Bosnia.

    Diaper days... my style!
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    1 Month in Walmart, by my self, no access to the outside world, including internet.....

    I'd probably diaper myself up, then setup the electronics section and setup one kick ass entertainment center with multiple big screens, surround sound etc.

    Then I'd probably blow my brains out because I was stuck in Walmart for a Month

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    Well, I certainly wouldn't like it but I could survive.

    Food wouldn't be a problem, obviously.

    I'd say fuck the toilet and use their Diaper inventory instead (although the only useable diapers they carry are the Depend Fit-Max, which suck). For entertainment, I'd try to find some way to power the computers or game consoles in the Electronics department. Or try to obtain a guitar from one of those "starter" guitar packs and just play guitar until I can get out of the store.

    So... what exactly is going on outside that is keeping me from being let out?

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    Like many other's I'd clean the toilet and replace the toilet seat, wal-mart does sell those. It's not like wal-mart has any good adult diapers anyway.

    Anyways here's a list.

    1. Clean/fix toilet.
    2. microwave, toaster, mini fridge, deep fryer, toaster oven.
    3. Go food shopping. Spicy Nacho doritos, two 6 packs of henery wienhards root beer, case of water, oatmeal Scotties toll house cookies, 2 bottles of simply lemonade, blueberry toaster strudel, shrimp, fish sticks, tazo chai latte, whole milk for the chai latte. Find where they keep wal-marts popcorn chicken from the deli. (It's good, cheap and filling, great snack.) Franks Red Hot Sauce.
    4. Portable water heater, largest kiddie pool I can find, bubble bath, hose and something to connect the hose to a faucet. I'm staying clean!
    5. raid baby section for anything I want. lavender baby wash, for sure.
    6. Toy isle, plushies.
    7. Camping/sporting goods area. sleeping bag, tent, blow up mattress with air compressor.
    8. grab a mountain bike
    9. better shoes
    10. white chocolate lindt balls. ALL OF THEM. they're mine!!!!
    11. PS3, 360, Wii, blu-rays, games, DVDs, books, music,
    12. more plushies
    13. My little pony bedding
    14. more my little pony bedding

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