View Poll Results: What age was your first rememberred *BDL/furry experience?

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  • Less than 2 Years

    1 1.67%
  • 2 Years

    2 3.33%
  • 3 Years

    7 11.67%
  • 4 Years

    8 13.33%
  • 5 Years

    14 23.33%
  • 6 Years

    9 15.00%
  • 7 Years

    4 6.67%
  • 8 Years

    3 5.00%
  • 9 Years

    1 1.67%
  • 10-11 Years

    4 6.67%
  • 12-13 Years

    3 5.00%
  • 14-15 Years

    2 3.33%
  • 16-17 Years

    0 0%
  • 18-21 Years

    1 1.67%
  • 22-25 Years

    1 1.67%
  • 26-30 Years

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  • 31+ Years

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Thread: Poll: Age of your first rememberred *BDL or Furry experience, as a child, teen, or adult.

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    Default Poll: Age of your first rememberred *BDL or Furry experience, as a child, teen, or adult.

    Poll: Age of your first rememberred *BDL or Furry experience, as a child, teen, or adult.

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    I remember being 5 years old and having an elderly relative, when I discovered that adults can wear diapers as well as babies. I was intrigued by this idea of toilet trained people wearing diapers, which I believe sparked my desires to wear them again.

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    For me, I didn't get to grow up with any kids around me in diapers so my exposure was limited. First time I was exposed to the concept of AB's and DL's and actually introduced to them instead of hearing the hater-furry's take on it I was 24 and my friend Dan Diapered me up. I admit, when I first got interested in letting him diaper me it's cause he was cute but I was still curious why any one would wet them selfs or act like a lil kid. After I was diapered up and running around the house with Dan, His BF and I in just diapers and shirts, I felt a comforting feeling and was curious to try more.

    Thinking back on it, I can think back to being 20 and seeing my friends toddler in a size-6 and wondering to my self what it would be like to wear one.... funny enough I now know what a size 6 is like!!

    Cute as heck and fits me well! hehe

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    I remember making up diaper fics in my head, aged about 7.

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    Is five that common!? My farthest back memory goes to then for diapers. But I know it goes back. I was potty trained at three though, so no idea.

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    Age six for me, I'm fairly certain. My sister was just finishing with diapers at night, and I began borrowing/using hers. (It really was "borrowing," since they were cloth.) Presumably I'd been interested in diapers before that, but I have no memory of the wanting, just the taking.

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    I remember, when I was about three, asking my babysitter to put me into a diaper as she was changing my younger brother. She said no. I don't really think this would count as a "dl" experience, but it is a diaper related memory. When I was in the second grade, I would take toilet paper and fold it into a "diaper" that would fit in my underwear. I would say that this is my first true exploration into diapers.

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    I was in Rochester NY, 6 or 7 at the time. Sat outside underneath a tree, and for some reason the though of diapers came to me. My younger sister had a bed wetting problem, so once in a very blue moon I would take one. Wasn't until I was 16 that I bought my first pack of diapers

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    I was a bed wetter till 12.
    And as a kid many times if my diaper was dry in the morning and it was not a school day left the diaper on all day or till i felt like it.
    My parents were not strict about me not wearing during the day and it was convenient for then when shipping or traveling.
    My sisters were also bed-wetters so no problem there.
    I quit bed-wetting but never did grow out of liking the feel, the fun, and the total convenience.

    At 61 i now wear 24/7 due to neurological disorders and still enjoy every minute. and at 61 i know longer care if some one finds out.

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    Me and a friend stole a nappy each from either my sisters bed time nappies (she was 4) or his sisters day time ones (she'd have been 1), I'm really not sure which, whilst my mum was looking after the 4 of us one time and me and my friend hid under my bed and tried to fit each other into them quite unsuccessfully, I was 6 or 7 he is still a year and a half older. I don't know what we did with them but we gave up playing with them fairly quickly as it wasn't as fun as we thought it was going to be, having been through the danger and excitement of getting them.

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