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Thread: Nappy rash

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    You need to keep clean.I use baby wipes, moisturiser and cream if I need it. Also do not stay in wet nappies too long.

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    Wash as often as possible (within reason) wash after removing a nappy, I prefer a good flannel wash, dry off and air for a while then add Zinc and Castor cream to the more sensitive places. I love this cream, it is gentle and I got the last tub of it for 1.

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    Clean up during every diaper change.

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    Have you had a problem with it before? People do vary a lot, but I don't get a rash very easily at all. Unless you're wearing 24/7 or staying in dirty nappies for ages, I don't think it would be a problem.

    As jamie72 says, keeping clean (I treat myself to long soaks in the bath each day when I wear regularly), using delicate soap (e.g. Johnsson's Baby Head-to-Toe Wash), and allowing your nappy region to "air dry" for as long as possible each day will help.

    Because I'm dumb enough to try anything once (and had never had a rash before), I tried to induce one (I was wearing 24/7 anyway). I used Bepanthen as soon as the rash appeared and it stopped it being sore immediately, and had healed the skin almost completely in 2 days (even though I was still wearing and not doing anything else to avoid getting a rash...).

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    If you wear long enough you'll get one...that's all I can say...

    But if you give yourself some air time it usually won't be too bad.

    I get about 1-2 cases of rash a year...sometimes for what I feel,is no reason...

    But I do wear almost 24/7


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    This should be less of a problem with modern disposable diapers that wick moisture away from the body - perhaps the only disadvantage of cloth nappies is that they encourage wetness to stay in contact with your body. Lighter oils are probably better than heavy creams that can inhibit the absorbency of the diaper and are supposed to have a bad effect in fastening tapes - although I have never experienced this myself.

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    Personally, I've found that STAYING AWAY from baby wipes and lotions, with all their artificial ingredients, helps a lot. I just wipe off my diaper area with a wet washcloth anpyrithd plain water, then dry thoroughly. Occasionally, I wash the area with anti-dandruff shampoo. The pyrithione zinc is an anti-fungal, and seems to prevent outbreaks, especially in the summer.

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    Being extra clean is the secret of no diaper rash. A shower after every change if you can do it is the best way. Then use lots of diaper creams, baby powder and it is magic. The end of diaper rash.

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    wearing dirty diaper too long virtually guarantees a rash for me.. much as I smoke, I have a good nose, and can generally recognize the instant I've worn a bit too long.. for me it turns out to be usually a yeast infection, taken care of quickly with Monistat. (yes, i'm a guy, but is DOES work)

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