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Thread: whats your fav guitar

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    Can't go wrong with a fender strat.

    Local music store has the David Gilmour edition. I played it and liked it (and I'm a huge pink floyd fan boy) .. but way out of my price range / skill. I like the MiM Fender Strat I've got now.

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    Out of the tons that I own, my favorite is my Fender TC-90 Telecaster in red. There's just something about a semi-hollow Telecaster with p-90 pickups that is sooooo addicting.

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    I'm really technically inept when it comes to music equipment lol. I have a Peavy bass (and I have no clue what kind it is or anything) that my friend gave me to because he got a brand new one and he was teaching me to play bass. So, I'm just thankful to have that. I'm a very laissez-faire kinda guy: I use what I've got, don't complain, and run it into the ground from using it so much. Then proceed to get another one which is available at the time. Although when I get a job and some money, I am going to research what a good bass would be for me.

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    I own a Tele, but I really want a Jaguar (by Fender or Squier). The good ole' guitar Cobain used, love his music.
    Not too easy to get money these days.

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    Out of what I own, I can't really decide which I like most. I want to say my Charvel Wild Card, as it's the most comfortable I've ever played, the fretboard feels great, the pickup configuration sounds great (at least now; I swapped the original N&M pups for Bareknuckle Sinners) and it's color is magnificent. I use this guitar typically in standard E, and for most of my lead playing.

    But there's also my Strat, a limited edition Fender "Splattercaster" Strat, with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge. This one I got when I was in 6th grade, and I've had it since, and modified it along the way. See, normally for metal players, Strats have no practicality in the slightest. The replaced bridge pickup changes this. Ironically this guitar handles metal tones better than all 3 of my guitars, especially pinch harmonics (and this is a FENDER STRAT we're talking about). Hell, it even sounds better than many "metal" guitars I've played, but that could just be me.

    And last but not least, my Charvel Model 4 w/ Jackson RR3 neck (which I simply refer to as my "Jackson"). This one, while I don't feel it offers much in playability compared to the other 2, I've done some neat things with it. I replaced the stock bridge pup with a Dimarzio X2N (VERY hot pickup)which I mount very low in the ring, so it really picks up the excess wood vibrations and sounds from the strings. I'm also wiring up a "jump" switch to the center pickup (inverse of a kll switch) as a replacement for the standard mini I/O toggle, which will allow me to create . I currently use this guitar in Drop B. It has a buzzing problem on the G string right now that I'm trying to fix.

    So really, while each guitar does certain things better than the others, I can't say which one is my absolute favorite. Their body shapes and specs are all similar, but their sound characteristics are all unique in their own way. I enjoy them all in their own way.

    ...Ahh, shit. Unintended long-ass post. Oh well, ya gotta expect that with me when you're talking guitars. xP

    Quote Originally Posted by TemujinRain View Post
    my fav guitar is my '59 fender stratocaster
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    No offense, but you need a new amp dude. A beautiful '59 Strat like that deserves to be run through something better than a solid-state Marshall MG.
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    I don't really know jack shit about guitars.

    But I love whatever Ben Gibbard is using. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by IantheFox View Post
    thats a really old amp that has been long sent to a friend who is new to playing, i now run my fender though a fender bassman 100T head into a Bassman 410 NEO cab

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    Quote Originally Posted by TemujinRain View Post
    i now run my fender though a fender bassman 100T head into a Bassman 410 NEO cab
    Now that's the way to do it.

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