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Thread: Bed and pant wetting when I was a kid

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    Default Bed and pant wetting when I was a kid

    I used to pee my bed for most of my childhood, and had accidents in my pants, although this was only once in a while. I was wondering if there is a link between those of us who wet themselves when we were children, and those who wet themselves in later life. Is there a link, or am I just unfortunate that it happened to me twice?

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    If you've always had it then isn't it just an 'always been there thing'

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    I had an over 20 year gap when I had no issues, it then all started again. To start with the odd wet bed moving on to nightly wetting and adult diapers. I also use protection during the day to prevent dribbles and 'accidents' wetting my trousers. Perhaps it was just sort of dormant?

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    Yes, I am seeing a doctor, lots of tests and some medication. Diagnosis so far is Overactive Bladder.

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    I was in diapers every night untill I hit puberty at 12. This was a heredity thing.
    I was dry untill a war wound at almost 21 made me perminatly IC

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    I thought there was a link for years - then discovered I was suffering from a late onset medical condition - so my guess had been wrong!

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    it seems I have a similar diagnosis: they recently discovered an obstruction causing my bladder to become overactive. I was a bed wetter until the age of 14-15, probably it was all related.

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    It is all related and OAB (overactive bladder) is more common than I used to believe. Being aware what is happening in your body is a good start. Then just be well protected with a good diaper as you are working out the situation.

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    I have always been a bed wetter, perhaps I have never grown up. The most I can stay dry for is about 5 nights if I am VERY lucky.

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