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    With so much great information on this site on putting on a diaper how about your tips on your favorite diaper change. What do you do that might be unique and special during your diaper change? Sometimes I wish I had someone to change my diaper. I use baby scented oil and baby scented vasoline all over the diaper area. I springle the baby powder all over the diaper when it is layed out before putting it on.

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    Only remarkable diaper change I ever had was in a public bathroom. I was in a very wet certainty brief and had just bought a bag of attends w/ waistband which I was dying to try out. I decided what they heck and just did it. It was a single person bathroom with locking door and it was a sunday morning which means the store was empty. I changed standing up (first time doing that too) and took the wet diaper with me, walked home, and that was that.

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