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    Default Help with a decision please!

    Hey all, so I'm at a crossroads. I'm going to put in an order online sometime in the next couple days and am looking for some feedback. I've narrowed down what I want to order to either the Secure X-Plus (which I've worn before and loved) or the Bambino Bianco's.

    So far my train of thought is that I don't really need 24 diapers (as with the X-Plus) and they are a bit more expensive at ~$40 for the two bags. The Bianco's are a better quantity atm (16) and are a bit more inexpensive at ~$25. I know that the same company makes both kinds so they should be very similar in quality.

    I guess what I'm getting at is if anyone has some feedback either way. Just wanna know if it's a good idea to go with a trusted variety or branch out a bit.
    Thanks ya'll.


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    I've used both and they are very similar. I am a firm believer in using what works and only branching out every few years. That being said, I wear 24/7 to manage my urge incontinence so it's really important I get a quality diaper I know. Unless you are in the same boat, it really comes down to what fits and looks good to you vs. the price. Personally, I think both diapers are a little over-priced for their performance, but I would go with the Bambinos.

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    Cool beans. That's almost exactly what I was thinking. I only wear when lounging, don't actually need them. Thanks a bunch for the response!

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