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Thread: Walgreens Briefs.

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    Angry Walgreens Briefs.

    Recently I made a Serious error and went and bought some CHEAP (Really Crappy) Briefs... Walgreens Certainty Fitted Briefs SUCK.

    I am not sure if it was a bad batch or something else but Every single one of them has leaked the first time it was used and being IC those leaks have been at the most embarrassing time possible. I HATE when that happens and it just seems to add to an already crappy day when you leak. So for now I will not be purchasing Walgreen's brand for a LONG time.

    Just a word of advice for everyone here. If you change what briefs you use make sure they work well before you risk embarrassing yourself.

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    aww i know how that can be, that sucks.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I, too, learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a good store-brand diaper.

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    When you diaper shop, make sure you have a list of the ones you've used before. :3 You'll have a better chance of selecting one that won't leak as bad as those. Like, for instance, mark that down as a no-no. X3

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    I just bought these like 5 hours ago. D:

    <3 'em.

    Actually, I like them better than M4's. They're my favorite brand so far.

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    I actually like these briefs too when i don't have the money to order premium ones online. But i almost always end up doubling them or tripling them, but i guess it is a little different for those who can control the speed of flow compared to those who can't. Because i know they can leak pretty easily if you flood, but short small amounts.... they actually are pretty good.

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    The cheap ones are really cheap as I found out. They were OK when I punched holes in them and used them as a stuffer. With a nice plastic attends over the top of them and by using plastic pants as a finishing touch they were OK.

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    Don't be too quick to diss all store brand diapers - some are quite good (remember the comments about Lidl ones in Europe a little while ago) I think it is worth experimenting because if you can find something that suits and are paying for them yourself it is worth the time spent researching. Equally not all premium grade diapers work well for everybody.

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    I to have had trouble with "Certainty" Walgreens Briefs....They leaked on me and were just plain AWFUL!! NEVER AGAIN shall i buy walgreens brand diapers...

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    I never tried Walgreens briefs after reading some horrific reviews (like this one). Although I do know someone who has used them for a while and is satisfied. So, I guess it depends on the person.

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