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    So I'm thinking about messing my diaper for the first time. Sugestions? My parents are home so I would go to the bathroom and try to dispose of it without them noticing.

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    My biggest suggestion is to wait until you have an hour or more with no parents. Theres a lot of cleaning up to do, between cleaning yourself amd disposing of the diaper.

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    Plus the smell it could cause, unless you planning to stay just in the bathroom it wouldn't be such a great first time experience. I would wait for a day when your parents are not around for at least a couple of hours.

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    Diffidently wait. For the full experience you're going to need a few hours. The bathroom is not a place for your first messy diaper. Should be a place where there's no doubt in your mind what you're doing but where you're relaxed enough to do it. Clean up and disposal is something you'll need time to figure out as well.

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    And think about trash day. poopy diaper can smell so bad in the trash.

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    yes definently wait till your parents are gone and do it preferably outside because of the smell. I love having a messy poopy diaper, but it is a mess, and u have to clean your self really well like a shower, double to triple bag your poopy diaper, After u mess a diaper for the first time you will be hooked, i love messing a diaper

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    i totally agree as to whats been said here. the smell of human, you extremely strong and hard to get rid of. do it on a day when your parents are at work or away for a really, really long time, so you can clean up and the smell has somewhat of a chance to dissipate.

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