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    I've been feeling rather lied to and confused about my girlfriend lately. Before I get to it though let me just explain that I am a rather kinky person. I'm into the diaper fetish (obviously), sometimes cross dressing a little bit, pegging, golden showers - pretty much the whole shabang.

    So with my girlfriend the last couple years when we started experimenting with all these things she told me she loved it and was totally into trying it all. Then it started with her telling me she hates diapers (her wearing them that is) and hates when I wear them when she's feeling in the mood. Then she told me she hates the whole cross dressing and the pegging and pretty much everything i thought she liked

    Dunno what to really do because I love her and I'm not going to break up with her over this but I don't think i can be satisfied with plain old vanilla sex all the time.

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    Short question: did she start joining you in what you like by herself, or because you asked her to? To be more specific, when you have sex, how many times do you do the kinky stuff and how many times the vanilla sex?

    Maybe she feels 'pushed' into what you like and there's no room to do it the way she wants it to....


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    I'd say it was probably one out of every 6 times that I wanted to do something kinky. I did push the diapers a bit too fast and i realized that. Everything else was slow and I asked if she would want to try it and she seemed just as into it as I did. Or things would come up where we would both be like that sounds interesting.

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    You should talk to her and find out what caused this change in attitude, and see if you could rectify it somehow. It could be because she's feeling pressured from various things (ie: peers, work, religious convictions, what not...)

    Just my

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    Here are three possibilities for what I, personally, think might be going on.

    1. She never liked it. She may have only tried them because she could sense that you wanted to try them. And after that only did them because you wanted to do them. Now she's just getting sick of it all together and wanted to be honest with you.

    2. She wanted to try them, but never liked them. This would mean that her seemingly genuine interest in trying these kinks was, in fact, genuine. Maybe she was just as interested as you were in trying them, but when she did, she realized it was something that just wasn't for her, but she did see that you enjoyed it, so she continued for you. Now, like the first possibility, she's getting sick of faking it and wanted to be honest with you.

    3. She did want to try them and did like them, but her interest fleeted a while ago. Now this would mean that her interest in trying them was genuine, and that her enjoyment in these was genuine at first, but now she doesn't like them. This would also mean that she never had lied to you, but instead has been completely honest with you, and never had lied to you.

    Now, to find out which of these, if any, she felt you need to ask her. Be sure to put emphases on the fact that you're not mad, but instead want to know. Hopefully she won't lie to you. I wish you all the best man, and I hope my advice helps, but I don't know your girlfriend. Best of luck.

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    The fact of the matter for relationships... it's really about what the woman wants. Well maybe not 100%. But if she's doesn't want to do those things with you any more, you should respect her wishes.

    However, chances are she doesn't just want "plain old vanilla" sex (I like that term!) either. Find out what kind of things she wants to do to spice up your time in bed.

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