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Thread: Need help making the crib

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    Default Need help making the crib

    My father is going to help me build crib but a little stuck on what use and how do the panel in one pieces source the crib for back and side. Like we would like to make each panel with one sheet wood but how can we do that.

    Then there what would be a strong woods we can get that not too prices instead pine.

    here my design I came up with if anyone got advice that can help thank you.

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    Pine is a very soft wood.

    What I would do is get some formika or luan, and put it on some BC Sanded plywood if you're going with formika and contact cement, or go for some rougher plywood which is cheaper and nail the luan on with finishing nails. You could easily get away with 3/4 inch I would think, maybe 5/8 inch, but I wouldn't go thinner than that if I were you. Around here BC Sanded is $40 per sheet, and then the rougher stuff is as low as $15-20 dollars per sheet. You may be able to get more help from a lumber yard near you than a homedepot, as in my experience they really know what they're talking about and are willing to help.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes thank my dad and me going get wood sometime this week and I'll post a photo when it's done.

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    I agree you can use plywood for the solid panels. Fairly inexpensive.

    As for front panel...look at dowels or even spindles in the stair parts area of home depot and such.

    They have spindles in many wood types and even prefinished if you like...

    Just my 2c

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    I came up with a new concept for it because bars you need drill hole for what don't got tool for to hold glue together so figure I would do it this . But my next problem facing is how doing the rail so it's open closed easy instead drop down what can be dangerous .

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    I don't think you need any special tools for the stair spindles...
    Take a look at them again...bottom side has a round part...just drill hole in bottom rail for it to go into...

    Top is flat and square...can either drill through top rail and put in screw...or buy a premade rail with fillet at home store and then there is a grove in there for square top.

    Now as far as opening...this depends on if you want to open easily from inside or outside the crib.

    Easiest thing would be to secure top rail with screws and use that as pivot...then put a latch on the bottom side to open it...this would be easy to open from outside...and depending on rail spacing and type of latch from the inside would be possible...

    There is many other ways too do the door as well...but they get more complicated than this.

    Post you thoughts on if you need access from inside to open or don't want access from inside.

    I can give you some more ideal then if you want.


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    It's unbelievably awesome that your dad is willing to help you with your crib!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    how doing the rail so it's open closed easy instead drop down what can be dangerous .
    I'm not a woodworker...but...perhaps you could make it so it swings open like a gate if you don't want it to go up and down. Just a suggestion!

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    You might be best using a piano hinge on one side, then a latch on the other side to hold it shut, so it swings out on the x and z axis (iirc that's the right's been ages since I've worked with 3D )

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