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Thread: Cloth back disopable and winter months

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    Default Cloth back disopable and winter months

    Anyone ever notice that cloth back disposable diapers are chill during winter its like when wet it very cold after while that breath too much in my option. Like i was out side shovel snow and was freeze wear cloth verison with plastic back more warmer then the new kind.

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    The Cloth backed disposable diapers are designed to let air in but nothing out. So it is letting the cold air in and nothing out so when you are standing out side in a wet diaper that is cloth backed disposable you are in deed going to freeze your junk off.

    The Plastic backed disposable diapers are designed to not let anything out on the inside and outside but nothing in on the outside though if wet it will be like a cup of water in the freezer. It will start freezing from the outside and work it's way to the inside and if you are out in the cold for too long you are going to freeze your junk off.

    Hope this helped with the enlightenment.

    All the best!

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    I know but seem to me cloth verison get cold faster then plastic back would after you wet them.

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