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    Does anyone else get much looser bowels when in diapers. Unless i have not eaten for like eight hours, i always feel the need to poop (significantly) within an hour. If i wear a diaper to be i almost always wake up around 5 a.m. and have poop pounding at the back door for a blowout.

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    This happens to me all the time! :p Whenever I diaper up I always get the feeling like I have to poop really badly. This seems to have started after I started messing regularly for fun and has somehow made it easier for me to mess then wet now when wearing. (I can never wet while driving but can easily mess while driving) It can be annoying though when I do not want to mess yet.

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    I used to have that. Now it's just that I really have to pee, even if I just went.

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    When I'm wearing a diaper and zoning in front of the television or something mindless, I pee little by little every 15 minutes or so. It just sort of happens with little effort, which makes can be a worry, but I'm totally fine when I'm out of diapers.

    Others times if i am engrossed in something else and have my focus off the fact that I'm diapered up, which happens plenty of times throughout the day, my body holds it until I realize it I need to go like normal. As soon as I give the green light it all floods out.

    I've had similar urges like yours, but that is only if I've already had a dirty diaper earlier that day. It's that sense of not being fully relieved. Usually if I am going go #2, I drink half a glass of prune juice to make sure it's easier to go and relieve myself. I wouldn't suggest doing that often though.

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    I do sometimes really get the urge but I usually do it once I've wet at least once. If I haven't had a nappy on for a few weeks and just got padded up, the urge is much greater.

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    I'm pretty much the same. Just its sometimes poop and sometimes pee. I've trained my body that its alright to just go whilst in a diaper though, so its comes back off again just as quick

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    Yay for getting the urge to poop as soon as I put a diaper on.
    If I didn't have it, I'd be looking for a way to get it. (Oh No, not the marshmallows, again.)
    A blessing.

    And if it's a circumstance in which I need to delay (going to the store, for example) there's the added pleasure of the release after I've had to hold it for awhile.
    It's all such a simple pleasure, but inexplicably enjoyable.

    On the other hand, I've been wearing a lot lately, and can only poop so many times in a day.

    As for peeing, I feel the need to go most of the time. The pleasure of a diaper is that I never need to hold it.

    Get your joy where you can find it.

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    i actually get an overwhelming urge to pee.......i personally think messing diapers is gross.

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    I usually diaper up because I plan to wet them as much as I can. Many times the pleasure of a good firm Poo in my pants is just too much to pass up. I particularly like to poo in my pants while I am driving my car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenalover View Post
    I usually diaper up because I plan to wet them as much as I can. Many times the pleasure of a good firm Poo in my pants is just too much to pass up. I particularly like to poo in my pants while I am driving my car.
    Doing that when driving..I fear that would lead to me having more than just the accident in my pants... :-)

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