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Thread: Baby diapers for the second time?

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    Default Baby diapers for the second time?

    Just curious, has anyone who has been using adult diapers for most of their re-diapered time, actually tried on (and used their) baby diapers? I know many progressed from baby diapers to adult ones, but what about the other way round?

    I am considering trying out pampers cruisers size 7, after using adult diapees for all these while, just wondering what to expect.

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    Well I wear luvs diapers pampers are too high to buy? I realy like wearing luvs any day?

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    I wear baby diapers as stuffers in my goodnights.

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    I put "No, I progressed from baby diapers to adult ones," although I actually still use the baby kind. A lot. Mostly, even! There's just so much variety in baby diapers, and on top of that, they're easy to get and (relatively) inexpensive. So, I feel a bit fortunate that they still "do it" for me. They're obviously not for all situations, but then I don't wear diapers in all situations either!

    My diaper timeline:

    Age 0-3: Diapered in cloth prefolds by parents.
    Age 4-5: DIAPERLESS!! (Gasp!)
    Age 6: Borrowed cloth baby diapers from sister.
    Ages 7-13: Borrowed cloth baby diapers from rag bin. (They were kept for rags, but seldom used--except by me!)
    Ages 13-35: Bought disposable baby diapers--Pampers, Huggies, etc.
    Age 35: Bought first adult (cloth) diapers after joining ADISC. They're awesome, but I use them only when I'll be able to immediately do laundry. Outside of that, it's still baby diapers.


    Quote Originally Posted by Selvaraja View Post
    I am considering trying out pampers cruisers size 7, after using adult diapees for all these while, just wondering what to expect.
    First off: If you're wondering, just do it! Not a very expensive experiment. As for what to expect: They'll be tighter and they'll ride lower. The absorbency may be the biggest problem, however. For me, a single Cruisers diaper is not enough for a normal wetting and will almost always leak when flooded. For that reason, I often double up in Cruisers, or put a smaller baby diaper inside as a soaker. (Pampers Extra Protection size 5 is great for this!)
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    I bought some depends pull-ups, I don't like them because they aren't just like real baby diapers such as pampers and others. On,uk/com if you type in diapers on search you can find some decent diapers for decent prices.

    Try this link, tell me what you think: diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonarchMonk View Post
    I bought some depends pull-ups, I don't like them because they aren't just like real baby diapers such as pampers and others.
    No shit Sherlock They're adult pull-ups, no childish designs. (Although that'd be nice :p)
    But what does that have to do with the subject?! Anywho, I tried Pampers cruisers 5 when I was twelve,
    they fit me well so I guess Size 7 would fit even better on me. Cruisers are good stuff not too expensive,
    so if you think you can fit them I would do it! ^^


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    Hmm, well I use both! It depends on what I'm doing. Obviously the absorbancy of a baby diaper is nothing like that of an adult diaper. However, baby diapers being much thinner and smaller are much easier and more comfortable to conceal under clothing. So, going out, I sacrifice the piece of mind that an adult diaper provides and go for the easier to conceal of the two. If you won't actually fit into baby diapers without modifying them, etc... I don't really recommend even bothering to buy them. However if you can still fit into them, only by stretching the tapes out a little, they are much cheaper than adult diapers, so go for it!

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    Here's my timeline:

    0-3 Diapered in disposables by parents
    4-6 Already started sneaking back into diapers and being caught / still in pull-ups sometimes for accidents / diapers to bed.
    7-9 Pull-ups to bed for night wetting, still put on by parents. Start getting away with sneaking diapers around, but genuinely wanting to stop bedwetting.
    10-12 Constantly sneaking baby diapers that no longer fit but still wearing them under my clothes, beginning to really recognize and pursue my interests, and wearing makeshifts every night to bed.
    13-15 Ride bike to pharmacy and begin wearing goodnites and adult diapers under my clothes literally everywhere all of the time in the summer.
    16-18 Driving enables me to start wearing adult diapers year round. I start wearing adult pull-ups under my clothes when around people and diapers to bed/in private.
    19-20 College causes a break in my diaper wearing.
    21-23 And here I am now! I'm wear diapers on average 5 days a week. When I wear them it's usually all day and I'll wear them straight through a couple day span.

    That was fun!

    So to make this fit into the post, Yes there was a time I wore baby diapers after being a baby. They didn't fit me after I was about 6, but when the stretchy baby diapers came out, I learned how to alter them and make them fit. One time in high school, I was staying at my grandparents and went through a whole package of pampers that were meant for the younger kids in my family. They didn't leak and I got them to fit well enough to hold up through the visit. The really only problem was making sure I didn't mess through the diapers into my pants, but I guess thats what happens when a teenager wears a diaper meant for a baby. Those were good times though.

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