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Thread: What kind of AB/DL "risks" do you like taking?

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    Default What kind of AB/DL "risks" do you like taking?

    We all know thrill-seeking is a common element in diaper fetishism. What kind of risks do you take?

    Me, I like going upstairs late at night while I'm awake, and the rest of the house is asleep, in nothing but a wet diaper. Yes, the risk of getting caught is almost non-existent...but however small, it is still there. It's fun!

    What do you guys routinely do to satiate the thrill-seeking desire?
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    Butterfly Mage


    I was thinking risk-taking in general. One of the risks I take is udating facebook and texting while driving. I also never refuel until the car is on dead "E" because I'm curious as to how many miles I can actually get on a tank (465 on a 9-gallon tank was the max thus far). I've only run out of gas once, har har. Then there's doing intense workouts coupled with tachycardia. what could go wrong?

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    Oh, heh, I meant as related to AB/DL stuff...but, interesting! I used to do the same, wait until the indicator was pretty much BELOW the E.

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    I like to BBQ at our apartment building on our balcony with nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt, mind you it's winter and people don't really go on their balconies, but there is a concrete walking/bike path right next to us that's heavily used. It's exciting to jump outside knowing there is a possibility people are looking at you while diapered.

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    None at all, really. I keep it completely to myself, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

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    I used to be quite a bit more risky than I am now. I used to go out pretty regularly wearing diapers thick enough to be noticeable under clothes. I've flat-out been in public with exposed diapers on a couple of occasions, not counting fetish fairs and similar events where I often do the exposed diaper thing. I also never used to hide my stuff at all when I had a roommate, which is how he found out I was an ABDL at all. I had a diaper fall out of my bag at a friend's place after I carelessly tossed the bag aside after grabbing my laptop.

    Lately, though, I haven't been wearing all that much at home, let alone anywhere else.

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    I tend to agree with OP, I've done this many times

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    I don't really hide many things of the AB nature in my room. I have a bunch of friends over all the time, and sometimes they bring people I've never even met... And all the while, there are bottles, sippy cups, giant stuffed animals, toys (but they are more like knick knacks), baby powder, and no one says anything. Everyone who knows me is used to my eccentricities, so that stuff is normal to them. The unfamiliar people who've been around, sometimes seem puzzled when I drink from the fun stuff, but I can get away with it since it's typically booze, and my friends will say,"Oh, that's just Toby." It could be risky if the wrong person saw, but whatever. It's my room, and it'll be the way I like. I'm glad this stuff isn't a fetish for me, otherwise everything would be skeletons in the closet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    One of the risks I take is udating facebook and texting while driving.
    You risk killing yourself and maybe others?! Texting whilst driving is generally regarded as more risky than driving drunk. Isn't it a little... reckless?

    If you were involved in an accident whilst texting, presumably you'd get a long prison sentence...

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've actually cut down quite a bit. I mostly just text at red lights now.

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