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Thread: Taking requests for animations in illustrator style :3

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    Wink Taking requests for animations in illustrator style :3

    Ok guys, it's time to take my requests to the next level.

    As I said in my last post, my objective was to practice my Illustrator skills but that was for the sole purpose of animating. Now, I offer you something different; sure, you get your fursona done in Illustrator style, but also I'll make a small animation with each one, something like this:

    (ignore the cheesy sun and type XD those where just to practice the moving animation)

    So here's the idea: you give me your fursona and a simple action (simple! no anime-like battles and effects... for now XD) I'll design it, animate it (5 secs or so) and post it in youtube, so you receive the image and the video.

    It's still for practice >.<U so don't expect something too professional, I'm just getting used to this tool.

    So, as this is way more time-consuming than just drawing, I'll only take 4 fursonas, only 4 for the next week, so post here if you want your fursona done in Illustrator style and get a small animation.

    You have until Sunday at 11.59pm COT time to post your fursona info, then I'll select 4 based on these rules:

    -There will be 2 male fursonas and 2 female fursonas (sissy furs still counts as male)

    -No already done fursonas, but the people from the last post can still participate if they have another character

    -I'll choose the furs based on their descriptions, the more DETAILED and VIVID descriptions will have better chances to win. I want to FEEL the characters as I read their info.

    -Along with your info please think of a simple action you want your persona to do (simple! I can't stress that enough =P) still don't go as far as saying "blinking" XD better if you think of something that involves all the body.

    (forgot this one:_) -Well, kinda obvious but still, your fursona must be a Babyfur or Diaperfur

    And that's all! I hope there's people willing to participate =) I'll do my best to bring your fursonas to life in the screen, thanks for your support.

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    Very cool :O

    The closest I've got to a ref of my character is here: Tygon's Train by Tygon_Cub -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    I realize his spot/striping pattern is complex, please feel free to simplify it. The only 'must have' is the lion-like tail tuft. Clothes are usually a pair of overalls (plain blue or black denim) with a diaper peeking out of the waistband. No shirt necessary if it's summer.

    Ty is an oftentimes reserved, sometimes playful three-year-old lion/tiger hybrid. Very inquisitive, observant and sometimes too bright for his britches, he has a little streak of badass (so far as someone who is three can be), but secretly just wants understanding and maybe a cuddle.

    As for the animation, this little guy has a lot going on in his head. What looks like just a child throwing a ball or putting different objects in water is actually a young being trying to figure out his physical surroundings by experiment--but don't they all? So to represent this, how about an animation that starts with Ty holding a ball, walking a few steps, then throwing it up in the air. He watches with rapt attention as the ball goes up, then down, in a parabolic shape. But through his eyes, a dotted line marks the path of the ball and the equation x(t) = 1/2at2 + vot + xo appears next to it, followed by v(t) = dx/dt in a fainter color, then a(t) = dv/dt in an even fainter color, like fuzzy ideas coming into existence.

    This is possibly the nerdiest request you'll get XD. But the equation relationship really is beautiful.

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    Picture references!

    Charlie's a border collie! She's got big floppy ears and a tuft of messy blue hair between them, a cute pink bow tied by her Mama, too! She still wears diapers as she's partially incontinent...her favourite colour is red, and her mos common outfit is a red t-shirt and jeans...pretty boring, but she likes to play and run an' jump. If she's wearin' something more girly, it'll usually be a blue gingham dress (Clothing at Tesco | Back To School Girls Gingham dress and hair scrunchie set > dresses > Dresses > kids) or a cute party dress with a peter pan collar (a bit like this Cosy n Dry - Little Girl&#39;s Printed Summer Dress - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More but not as complicated just plain, maybe?)

    She's is a playful 8 year old puppy (feel free to make her younger if it's easier! I don't really draw her her 'right' age most of the time :p). She's a bit of a bossyboots, often putting herself 'in charge' when there's no grown-ups around...she's a big girl, after all! Of course, sometimes being 'in charge' is a bit too much for a little girl to handle, and she finds herself in trouble. Secretly, she's just a little jealous of younger children. Just because she's growing up, doesn't mean she doesn't want love and special attention too!

    If you can, I'd like to see her sitting, playing with toys maybe, looking up at the camera...and then blowing a raspberry. A 'happy' teasing one, notta 'Pbblllt, go 'way Mom an' Dad' one :P

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    You prolly remember the discription if not:

    I'm a red foxy of about 6 years old still in diapers, a tiny bit sissy (no frilly shizzles though, just pink and girly). On the right paws (hands and feet so to say)
    I have yellow patches of fur, where normal foxies have a black patch of fur (picture).
    This because of the power to control electricity as a power caused by the divinity of my soul
    (background sotry related shizzle, once I finish it I'll post it). I also have retractable wings but can't fly because of my age.

    As for the animation just make me fail at using my powers, like a tiny little zap instead of a full on lightning bolt.
    It can be a litle z-form shock like the pictogram ones. Because flash can be a pain in the ass. (I'm animating for school as well )


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    Like I said in the previous thread, Aestuo is a discolored (Orange/Red) baby Riolu, and wears a blue t-shirt and a disposable diaper. For reference, my avatar is my fursona in sprite form.

    For the animation, can you have him try, and fail, at using Blaze Kick?

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    Well my fursona is a kobold with very smooth features rather than the horns and what not they usually have. If you don't kow what a kobold is it's a tiny lizard arthro than are related to dragons but don't get very tall.

    My fursona is Laz. He's a 3ft tall kobold with smooth snow white scales and a really long tail of about 4ft that drags behind him as he walks. He has brown eyes and usually a cute smile even with the mouth of pointed teeth. He has 5 clawed fingers but 4 toe claws and the raptor 5th claw on the side of his ankle. On his head he has a sort of spaced out circle of individual different colored scales. The are one red, one blue, one gree, one black, and one a bit whiter than the rest of him. He has no horns or other hard features other than raised slightly raised eyebones. In the middle of all of them is a deep purple scale. He usally wears a black t-shirt that does nothing to hide his diaper. His diaper is rather thick but only to the point that he has to waddle slighty. On the front of the diaper is usually a toony drawing of a lizard or dragon.

    Could you have him wake up in a bed then get out of bed and yawn?

    Closest thing I could find to the base body I see him with. Maturity - by Kalida by CharryZarry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    My fursona is a small husky pup, 2 years old, still in diapers. He's wearing a thick, white and green diaper, sitting down, smiling behind a blue and green paci, his tail wagging behind him. Maybe he could bark a little and have his paci fall out.

    He's a little husky with dark blue fur on his back and middle of his head down to his muzzle, the top of his tail, and down to his knees. The rest of the fur is a lighter blue, but not like really light. He has dark green eyes, and light pink pads and inside his ears.

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    Oh WOW! Will those that got pics before be able to get short animations eventually also? I would request again, but i want someone else to have a shot.

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    Hehe, this is a very unique art request deal! Ahem *Takes out a piece of paper and begins to read*

    Pandora (I would like the baby one, please) LOVES girly stuff. She loves pink, frills, skirts... the whole nine yards. She hates getting dirty and having to do all the "boyish" stuff. The green Link hat never comes off her head unless she's taking a bath or she lost it (she also has a very poor memory). Her giant stuffed Pikachu is her favorite toy, but she often forgets where she put it, as she tries to take it everywhere.

    Hmm... trying to think of the animation part is hard, I've never actually had to think of something like this before For her clothing, maybe have her with just her tank top and a diaper. Then have a butterfly land on her head while she *coughs and blushes* wets her diaper, all while sitting down next to her Pikachu (sorry if that's asking for a lot )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABalex View Post
    Oh WOW! Will those that got pics before be able to get short animations eventually also? I would request again, but i want someone else to have a shot.

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