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    Well folks it's been a while since I've posted regularly and for those interested I've decided to share a condensed update of the past six to eight months.

    I was blessed to be offered a position with a good company at the highest base pay I've had thus far, and with it the opportunity for a great deal of overtime. This means that I've been working between 50 and 60 hours a week and when you add drive time I have over 14 hours a day five to six days a week tied up in work.

    The first thing I did with this new job was re-enroll in Grad School. I'm only taking one class this semester but am finding that quite challenging with my work schedule. For instance, I have four books for this class and blocked out seven hours for assigned reading last week only to finish less than half. I also have four writing assignments in process at present, and will not get into percentage complete on those. :P

    Next, and the reason I work so much is to try and clean up a mess I got in while unemployed. I wrote a check for nearly three thousand dollars to clear up a credit card that went bad debt.
    Couple this with my 14 year old car that had nearly 300,000 miles finally dieing, so I bit the bullet and bought a newer vehicle. I must say after not having a car payment for years, a car loan of 14K has me concerned to the point of panic should overtime dry up, or God forbid I hit another employment hiccup.

    Someone once said that life happens while your making plans to do something else. I wonder where the months went and hope that I've made enough forward progress to offset the time lost from family, friends, and this site.

    In hopes of not becoming a lurker in my own cyber home,

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    Congratulations on getting the job, Khaymen. Good, or descent jobs are hard to find. I hope your finances work out for you, and that you stayed employed. My school job has gotten a lot more demanding for me, with no pay raise in the last four years. I too need to buy a newer car, but since the one I have runs, I will have to stay with it. We own two Jeeps and with the high price of gas, I would like to trade the old Jeep in for a Honda Civic. Like you, I don't want the car payment.

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    Yeah, I didn't want to get rid of my car. For all those who get the talk about buying a new car to save gas, remember that the amount of a car payment buys a lot of gas.

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