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    Default hello all...

    Guess I have to intro myself so here goes:

    I am a happily married man, have been so for close to ten years now. I work as an electrician and have no issues fitting in with my co-workers. I tend to keep these sections of my life seperate from each other and I think that for the most part that is the healthy way of dealing with these things.

    I have been interested in diapers for as long as i can remember, and like many of you have gone through alot of self hate and and feeling like i was a freak and that there was something wrong with me. I would go through the binge/purge cycle more times than I can remember.

    During the beginning of our relationship, I would go to great lengths hiding the diapers I would occasionally buy and was absolutely paranoid about being found out, for fear of being labelled a freak or worse, a pedophile.

    Well, one day, a few years later, I was enjoying a day off and gave in to my little side. I lost track of time and realized that I had to pick my wife up from work. I cleaned up as quickly as I could and headed out to get her. Everything went normally up until the point that we got home and she spots a wet diaper just sitting in the middle of the living room. After the "what the hell!" moment, I was on the spot and had to come up with something to tell her. So, I came up with the sure fire winner of blaming a new friend that had just recently visited me. It was the worst lie I have ever come up with, but she believed me. A few days later she was cleaning the bedroom and found my package of diapers under the bed and asked me about it. The jig was up, so I confessed to everything.
    She listened quietly while I explained everything to her, and to her credit, she was very understanding. It was at that moment that I found out how deeply I love her. To say she accepts everything without any caveats is somewhat untrue, but she does so many things for me and it only gets better the longer we are together. She will diaper me and baby me a bit and even give me as much boobie as I want.

    So now, diaper time is just another aspect of my life, and I will not be ashamed of it. I wont force anyone to accept my lifestyle, but I am no longer running from it.

    BTW, name is Stephen

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    Welcome to the community, Stephen

    Sounds like you have come a long way in terms of the whole AB/DL Lifestyle.
    Nice intro Look forward to seeing you around!

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