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Thread: Plastic Pants over Disposable Diapers

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    Default Plastic Pants over Disposable Diapers

    Who wears plastic pants over disposable diapers? If you do not how do you prevent leaks? For me plastic pants are essential in the diapering process for security and protection. I also think they cut down on the noise factor.

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    I've worn them before, although I did purchase some with a flannel liner. I figured that if it was going to leak out of a disposable, that I should have something that can absorb at least a tiny amount. The ones I bought are from Gary, so they are actually meant for wearing with cloth. They decided to make them with a bit of extra room in order to compensate for wearing those cloth diapers that they have, so they are a bit bulky.

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    I wear plastic pants over disposals I wouldn't go to bed or leave the house with them on.I like the added protection they give me and yes they cut down on the noise. I just got some bloomer style plastic pants for night time they are a little longer at the leg as I am a side sleeper and I haven't had a night leak since.... (Bought them on eBay for anyone wondering)

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    We used to put plastic pants over the disposables of our children, babies at the time, of course, when we dressed them up and they went out. That way if they had a blow out, they didn't ruin their little dress clothes. Lots of parents did this, not just us.

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    i love to wear plastic over a thick disposable but like the soft baby feel ones i sually go for ones so then if i do get caught humiliation for me yay

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    I wear plastic pants over disposable. It prevents leaks especially with lined plastic pants.

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    Always wear them either Gary vinyl or Kins terry lined panties

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    I use Leakmaster over disposibles both day and night. Only had them leak once when I had my foot operated on and was half out of it with pain meds. For two days I was not really aware of what was going on.

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    Where do you find adult-sized plastic pants? Are they only online, or can they be bought in a store?

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