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Thread: Best way to fake sick?

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    Default Best way to fake sick?

    Hey yall I really need a "Mental Health Day" from school, and I was wondering what is the best way to get out of school? I am cought up at school and everything and missing one day wont really effect me. So whats the best way to get out of school for a day.

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    Say you don't feel good and take a hot shower so if your temperature is taken it will be a little above normal.

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    I swear to god if you guys neg rep me for this.....

    Get leftovers from dinner. Leave out. Insert in toilet.

    Say you feel sick. It works here.

    Get sick.

    The truly best way to get out of school is to ride the bus. Its free and legal.

    I know I shouldnt be helping you on this, but I really don't think anyone else will.

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    Don't go? Say you feel sick? It's really not that hard...Don't do anything too over the top, or it will be obvious you are faking

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    Tell your school (or your parents) that you need mental health day. If you need one then you should be able to justify having one and so gain permission, otherwise you probably don't need one and so shouldn't be asking!

    Also: You can't fake being sick. Your parents know a lie when they see one. And some things like having your glands up or having a high temperature are hard to fake (unless you take the cartoon approach and stick the thermometer in the fire).

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    i did this once it works but sucks, stick your singer down your throat and make your self puke

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    Ummm...shouldn't you wait 'til you've been in school at least a couple of weeks before saying you need a day off? Geez!

    The only way I ever got out of going to school was if I was vomitting profusely when it was time to go! Unfortunately for me, that never happened.

    Oh wait...this worked for me in first grade...CATCH THE MEASLES (Mumps or Chicken Pox will work too)! They HAVE to let you stay home then! :p

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    One time I felt like getting out of school when I just got there so I told my teacher I don't feel so good and then the teacher didn't believe me so I went to sit back down and stuck my finger down my throat to make my self vomit and then it all flew into my mouth and I ran to the trash can and started puking. Thats how I get out of school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous kiba View Post
    i did this once it works but sucks, stick your singer down your throat and make your self puke
    Not only will it get you out of school, but it will also eat away at your throat and teeth!

    Yea, not a good idea...

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    Drink Ipepec syrup and throw up everywhere..

    I think that is how you spell it....

    But in all seriousness, you shouldn't miss school. For your future it is important that you get good grades now. However, I don't think a day here and there will hurt anything at all. Just don't make a habbit of it.
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