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Thread: Adult sized baby diapers :classic luvs huggies and pampers?

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    Talking Adult sized baby diapers :classic luvs huggies and pampers?

    Well I was on another site and someone posted this site: Classic Luvs Youth Adult Disposable Diapers

    Do you guys think this is a scam or real. I almost want to buy from them.

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    Not a trustworthy site, to my knowledge. I would say, let us learn from *others* experiences first. All in good time, Grasshopper... All in good time.


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    I too would have to say that it does NOT look at all legit. Looks like a way to free you of your money and give you a slapping in the face and call ya a big disgrace.

    I hope they wake up finding spiders in their diapers.

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    Fake. The package fonts don't match. Someone with Adobe Photoshop trying to cash in on your wanting of diapers like that. Believe me, we all wish it were true.

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    See that is the way I was thinking but the only issue is everyone keeps saying" let someone else buy from them" and no one apparently has. Its a new company but the whole site just looks fishy and to me it feels like they might have cheap diapers they just did the diaper tape method on just to make a quick buck.

    If this is real *which it probably isn't* the company should think of maybe sending out free samples to people or like to sites that do a lot of reviews on diapers.

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    Legitimate company mentioning TB's? Underaged people? Nope. Wouldn't call this a legit company. Looks like someone's attempts at Photoshop. Don't even fall for it. o.o

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    Caution here. Huggies and Kimberly Clark have not announced an adult size huggie on their site. Members here have asked for adult huggies for years and there has been no response. The huggies market is clearly for babies. Luvs for adults is something many wish for but I am almost sure that product has not been manufactured. I would want to know more before I ordered.

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    Agreed, Looks pretty dodgy. The amount of money someone would have to pay to make those diapers would be insane, and thus you wouldn't get them for $14.95.

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    I think its fake because you can't control the quantity ie 10 diaps or 20 diaps? Also it says Luvs makes them but I know from AB Universe (which I order from) that the big diaper manufacturers don't make adult sizes. If you want a Classic Pamper style or Pull-ups try Home Page - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore

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