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Thread: My own furry "universe" and fursona

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    Default My own furry "universe" and fursona

    Hello all,

    First off I'd like to thank Onecho, more specifically Onecho's avatar, for getting me interested in this.

    First off, my fursona is a ferret. I don't have a babyfur fursona at the moment but I'll work on that. My fursona is a character in this universe I've created named Connor Rowstone, a "Ferossek", or in Ferossek dialect "one who looks like/takes on the appearence of a Ferret". The near-future universe is detailed thusly.

    Some time in the middle ages (the details for this are sketchy) several thousand people from various earth nations vanished in the blink of an eye (or something like that, once again, sketchy and not fully developed) They were dumped, reformed as anthro-animals, on a new planet. The planet eventually garnered the name Siegvein, which, roughly translated means "New Land" or "New Earth" and the cultures developed. recently, contact with earth has been reestablished through a series of portals and FTL ship travel, which grew rapidly from portal research theories. The races include.

    Ferossek: anthro-ferrets, commonly stereotyped as treasure hunters, robin hood types, or Nathan Drake-stype thieves. Physically adept at parkour, given proper training.

    Foxvolk: anthro-foxes, commonly stereotyped as detectives or police types.

    Spindereshi, anthro spiders: stereotyped as assassins and more recently, Jewelers and fine goods producers. Cannot create own silk and have only four appendiges.

    (name pending): anthro Jackels: fast, ruthless, and violent, steretypically gangbagners, corrupt cops, or mercenaries.

    (name pending) anthro stoats: pious artists and farmers, usually depicted either as being extremely religious, or extremely decedant.

    (name pending) andhto bats, wingless: superb stealthers and ambush specialists, have a limited ability to "see" through thin walls using echo location, often exxagerated in fiction depicting them.

    (name pending) (based on old "fair Folk" legends): creepy, smooth-voiced spies and tunnel dwellers. Have an almost unerring sense of direction underground. Several dozen were mysteriously transferred back to Earth a few hundered years after arriving on Siegvein and scattered across Europe, giving rise to legends of the "fair folk" among Celtic and Germanic peoples.

    (name pending), anthro porcupines: CQC fighters and weaponsmiths, with semi-rigid, thick "strands" of hair instead of regular hair, normal fur. They also have retractable spikes that extend from purches on their arms.

    The list could go on with nameless-as-of-now anthro rats, hyenas, and several very loosely based off of Pokemon, including fair folk branches resembling bald fairfolk wih lines on their faces resembling Chandelure, and a Jungle-dwelling Umbreon inspired race whose stripes can chameleon into the environment, and even a bird with a fedora (Honchkrow based) "voiced" by Anthony Hopkins. I love worldbuilding and hope to do more.

    Any ideas for Russian or Japanese anthro-"races"?

    Hope it was interesting!
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    Very interesting. Sounds like you could create a good story series off of this universe.

    Maybe the thing that transferred the humans to the new planet could be some galactic interloper... I dunno, just the first thought that comes to mind

    How about bears for the Russian species? Perhaps their special skill could be riding unicycles, lol.
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