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Thread: What can I improve on?

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    Default What can I improve on?

    (In case you're unfamiliar with my artwork, this is my Fur Affinity page)

    Like the title says, what do I need to work on?

    Don't sugarcoat it, either. Give me your worst! I need all the criticism I can get. I know I can get some good criticism here, don't be afraid of hurting my feelings! >:3

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    Off topic --> Lol, the first pic I clicked on was Pandora's ocarina... I love Zelda and the ocarina (and I play both!).

    I don't really see anything that needs improvement

    EDIT: Maybe proportions, but even that is pretty much fine. There's a few where I think the arms are too long, but the majority of them have really good proportions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuki9689 View Post
    Off topic --> Lol, the first pic I clicked on was Pandora's ocarina... I love Zelda and the ocarina (and I play both!).

    I don't really see anything that needs improvement
    There must be something. Look at these artists and then look at me:

    Tavi Munk

    Is there anything that I can do to make my drawings look more professional like their's?

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    I honestly don't see much. You could experiment with backgrounds a little more, like instead of a white one or a simple background, try a slightly more complex background (but don't go overboard). You could try drawing other fursonas too. Ask a friend if you could draw theirs, make a requests thread (don't do this if you don't want to be extremely busy like Nieve is right now). Do something that will help you get some practice in. Ask someone to describe a fursona and have you draw it, that way you get a challenging way to practice which can help you improve much more than drawing a fursona that you're already familiar with.. Other than that, idk.

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    Your artwork is really good! I like it, honestly! I'm on Fur Affinity too where I show my furry self and it sort of complelles with the story of myself but my artwork isn't that good. Trying really is what counts

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    When I first saw your avatar I kept on thinking "wow, I wonder what artist she got that from." Now I find out that it's your own. I feel like I've wasted my life, you're only my age and you're that good.

    To be brutally honest, there's not much I can say. It's really good already, a lit better than most of the stuff on FA.

    I would agree with Yuki, try to experiment with backgrounds and other people's fursonas. Just get some more practice and get even better. I love your expressions as well, very cute.^^

    It's okay, I could identify all of those Zelda songs as well when I first saw them, too

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    MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!!!
    Okay, seriously, I don´t really see the need for improvement.
    Your work looks great. If you´re not pleased with it, try some new techniques, experiment and practice until you´re happy.
    Find your own style and over time you´ll achieve a more "professional" look automatically.
    Don´t try to change something just to make it "better". As long as you like it it´s perfect ^^

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    You don't really have a 'need' for improvement BabyPandora. You currently have your own style and it works very well for you! I have to say I find your artwork quite nice personally.

    However, things you could improve on obviously do exist, as they exist for any artist. No one is perfect!

    Things I notice when looking at some of your artwork:
    sometimes the poses seem... off. It isn't anything that I can describe fully, but the poses seem to be a little un-realistic in a sense.
    Lots of fur strokes (sharp triangular lines to indicate there is fur) There isn't much need for this, you can probably tone this down a little bit, I think you will find it will still look realistic (In a furry sense at least).
    The proportions seem to be off at times, or the character appears to be very-overly skinny. That is their leg is just as thin as a bone, and there is no definition.

    I hope this can help a little, I am no artist, so I can't really give you tips. These are just some things I notice.

    Either way, it's your style and I still think it works great!

    Good luck =)

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    Hullo, great drawings =) truly impressive for someone your age, when I was 15 I decided to quit drawing cuz I couldn't get what I done right >.<.

    If you think you need improvement, go to the basics, this is what I do:

    1: draw perfect circles in a paper: OOOOOOOOO fill it all, when you are done with it, do perfect straight lines between them, like if you were putting them in squares.(this seems silly but it actually works)

    2. Draw real life animals and people; go and look real animal's photos and draw them the best you can, look at small details, like curves on the ears, noses, how the light works, etc. you may not use them all when you "translate" them to your art but there are some details you can use.

    3. Draft, draft, draft. Make your characters in many poses, as much as you can think of! the craziest the better, take them from real pictures too (of human adults, kids and babies: look in flickr) also do your drafts in pen, no eraser! make a lot of mistakes, that way you'll learn better how the body behaves and moves, and again, later you can translate it to your art.

    Hope this tips help =)

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    your characters seem to be overly skinny, small children usually still have a "baby fat" look to them

    also your poses are pretty good but need some work on foreshortening. Try getting those wooden pose men, those help a lot for looking at basic foreshortening or a perspective book (both of these helped me out a LOT)

    but overall your work is pretty dang good

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