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    Hi guys, so I have a little problem. This is the only community I can type about it in, so thank you :-)

    I love diapers, I came to terms with my fetish a long time ago, it's great. Now, there will be a little bit of mature content here and I don't wish to offend anyone. Often I will get turned on and masturbate to something associated with my fetish. It'll be great, but after I climax, I'll have this sudden feeling of guilt wash over me. Like just for a few minutes think, what am I doing? This isn't right... is it?

    It'll go a few minutes later. I was thinking maybe it was the transition of being turned on back to my busy self with no time to think about such things. Like the mindset of the average normal human being who goes to work, enjoys life, the kind of stereotype you don't see the other side to.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Is there anyway I can kind of stop these feelings of guilt?


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    100% common. One thing I try to do but seem to back out is take care of myself before I put a diaper on so I don't get blue rocks if I wear for a while. I've even taken care of myself while laying on a diaper so I won't back out....ALWAYS fails, I end up backing out!

    Don't feel guilty! Do what you want unless it's illegal or safe.

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    I get this feeling too sometimes. Maybe because it is such a turn on that once you're done pleasuring yourself or what not there isn't a desire? If you think in terms of regular old intercourse I don't know many people who want to fool around after they have gotten off if you know what I mean...hope that helps?

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    There's actually a hormonal change that happens in men after orgasm. Often this leads to feelings of regret, or at least to the need to separate from whatever brings about the climax, whether it's a diaper, a woman, or whatever the casue may be. In the book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus the author writes it this way, "Women are like waves, men are like rubber bands." It's a sudden, strong reaction. This is completely normal. Just ride it through and don't feel too badly about it. You'll reach balance again soon.

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    I thought i was the only one that feels like that after climax in a diaper. I feel guilty and take my diaper off but after a few minutes im back to my normal self and want to put it back on. This is a good post and happy to know im not alone in this.

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    This happens to me as well. The most i do is I try to either put my diaper on right after i pleasure myself or i will try to wait to do that when i change out of my diaper.

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    happens to me all the time... don't worry about it.

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    happens to me too but is there a way to keep it from happening?

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    The only way I can think of preventing it from happening is by reminding yourself that there is nothing wrong with enjoying a fetish as long as it is safe and doesn't hurt anybody. Just remember that you're not doing anything wrong.

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    There's actually a French term for this phenomena, I just can't remember what it is.

    I found that this feeling was more severe when I was younger. Now that I'm older, it's still there but it's not that bad. I think this feeling is the trigger of a lot of purge cycles.

    Edit: The term is post-coital tristesse (after sex sadness). It's Latin and French.

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