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Thread: Bed wetting

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    Default Bed wetting

    Ok I need some help I wet the bed most nights but drynites are getting too small dose anyone no a bigger nappy that is suitable ???
    Any suggestions are apricated

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    How large are you? Because I know there is a drynites for teens... 8 - 15 years I believe. Good luck on your search.

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    I am 18 and they leak most nights so really in need of something bigger and more absorbent

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    It sounds like you may need a small adult diaper which is easy to find. It is ordered by waist size. Have you considered a pampers 7?

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    No I hadent or do u mean underjams and what adult Nappy should I look at

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    It sounds like you may need a small adult diaper which is easy to find. It is ordered by waist size. Have you considered a pampers 7?
    Funseeker - Since when was a pampers size 7 an adult diaper? Besides, they aren't available in the UK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bby View Post
    No I hadent or do u mean underjams and what adult Nappy should I look at
    Measure your waist size, then go find a pack that you are right in the middle of the size scale for. Pretty much any brand of adult diaper will work for you, but a tape on disposable will do better at stopping leaks than buying pullups. (If you do have to get pullups, Avoid depend brand)

    I see you are in the UK, so if you want to buy in store, check out a larger pharmacy, or boots store, or large ASDA store. Expect a pack to be more expensive than the goodnites you use right now. (ASDA sell Tena brand slips for 18 a pack, to give you an idea on price) or buy online if there is something you are looking for

    If your bedwetting is becoming a problem, maybe speak to your doctor?

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    Thanks for all the comments any other suggestions are welcome

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    I can buy online just unsure what to look at so names of suitable nappys please

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    Someone has already mentioned Tena and they can be got on-line at competitive prices. So can other makes and with many sellers you can fill in a simple form to indicate you are incontinent and that they are for your personal use - this enables you to avoid paying VAT - something not usually possible "over the counter". Watch the amount of post and packing you have to pay - the more you order the cheaper it gets - but I would not advise getting a big stock in until you are sure what you are ordering really does work well for you. Most companies will send you free samples so that you can choose and test before settling on what is best for you. Something well worth having as a back up to a nappy is a underpad - especially until you are sure you have a diaper that won't leak too often. You can get disposable underpads or washable ones - the choice is yours but I find the Tena disposable ones to be a little more expensive but very durable - if they don't get wet you can use them night after night without them disintegrating in the way some other brands do.

    I ma not alone in finding that pull ups are not very good for bed-wetting - a full taped diaper not only feels more secure, it is less likely to leak. All sorts of things - how you lie in bed, how often the pee comes out, is it dribbled or gushed out, etc. - has an effect on how efficient a particular diaper will be for each individual. This makes it very difficult to recommend particular makes or styles of diaper.

    If you are not wet every night, and there are no problems during the day there is a very good chance that the problem can be brought under control or even cured - as others have said go to the doctor - and don't leave getting help until later as there is the possibility that your body will get accustomed to relying on the safety of a diaper, making your sleep habits more engrained and slightly harder to alter.

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