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    I had a physical last week. Because I haven't had one for a while, the dr put me through a lot of tests. This morning we went in for the evaluation of the tests. My wife wanted to come into the room with me so she could hear what the dr said about the test results.

    Everything was going great. The dr said my lab results were for a person 30 years younger then me (I am 64). My cholesterol was 141. My triglycerides were in the low 70's. And my EKG said my heart was very strong (my resting heart rate was 45).

    But then came my prostate. My PSA # had gone up from my last physical, but the dr said that was normal at my age. But then he said that it was starting to enlarge and then asked me if I was having to get up at night frequently.

    Well at this point I didn't know what to say because as I have already said many times, I have worn nighttime diapers for over a decade now (I think I am in my 13th year or so). And have been wetting in my sleep for many, many years now. As I sat there with a blank look on my face, my wife asks, "well are you going to tell him or do you want me to"?

    I looked at her and couldn't believe what she was saying. She then tells the dr that I have been wearing diapers at night for years now so I really can't answer that question. I almost fell off my chair. The dr didn't seem too concerned about what she said. He just asked why I haven't brought this up before so we could look into it?

    My wife then said that at my age she doesn't want me to be going through experiments that would just result in wets beds; we have gone through that before, and there is no problem with the diapers. She said that to keep the dr from doing anything because she knows that I enjoy wearing them and would never want to give them up.

    On the way home she had a BIG laugh about it. Saying, the look on my face was worth it! Then when we got home, she cupped her hands around my chin and said, "since you were such a good sport (I wasn't mad about it and even felt a little babyish about the dr knowing that I need diapers), if you want you can wear your diapers for the rest of the day" (I took the day off from work for the dr app.).

    Well you probably know what I decided. We went to the bedroom and she babyishly diapered me. I am now setting here typing this with beautifully wet diapers and plastic pants on. And she said she will change me if I want her to. I am going to ENJOY the rest of this day!!!

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    The doctor probably didn't react much because there probably many people that do that. So I guess it wouldn't matter much to him.... Have fun with your wife and you being diapered the rest of the day

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    I guess doctors have seen lots of adults in diapers, although sounds like some are not comfortable with the idea of those who are not sick, elderly or disabled wearing them, and think any alternative is better.

    Whether it's for need or by choice, there's no reason why generally healthy, active adults shouldn't wear diapers really. Any doctor who sees such a person should respect their choice!

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    Wow, I can see who wears the pants in that relationship

    J/K lol

    That's a great story. It's awesome when people are understanding, especially to that extent. More so that it's your significant other and is comfortable talking about it with your doctor.

    My partner is supportive but she never openly talks about it, let alone discusses it with other people. I guess it's to respect my privacy but it's different with doctors rather than friends or family members.

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    Dang. That is awesome that you had that experience that you just had. And yes the Doctor is not even supposed to even be immature about your bed wetting problem as it is a medical issue and he is in the field of solving medical issues.

    All the best!

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    Nice! I was expecting to hear a story in which your wife stabbed you in the back somehow, so it's good to hear it was all just done in fun.

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    So how does it feel to know that your permanent medical records indicate you are a diaper wearing bed wetter? I've never wore diapers to the doctors office or mentioned anything about my optional usage because I don't want that in my records. That said, it gives me butterflies to imagine my wife doing to me what yours did. I hope someday incontinence or enuresis IS in my records and I kinda hope it happens like it happened to you but I hope it happens after my use ceases to be optional.

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    Yes, that first DR appt when you tell him that you wear diapers can be frightening. But it is just a matter of life for so many people - including ABs.

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    I wear diapers 24/7 so always wear them to the doctor.

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