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Thread: Caught Wearing Diaper in Public

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    Has anyone ever been seen in public wearing a diaper? At the Hot Springs changing room I pulled down my levi's and put them in the locker. My diaper and plastic pants was showing. Anyone with a sharp could see I was wearing diapers.

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    Once when I was waiting in line to get into a theme park, I pulled my sweatshirt off over my head and felt my t-shirt ride up in the back as they usually do. Immediately I heard the teenie-bopper girls behind me start giggling, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that they were pointing at my waistline and whispering about it. I then realized that my diaper waistline was quite a bit higher than my jeans, and must have been in full view as I pulled my shirt off. It was a little embarrassing, but I got over it. These days I am more careful!

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    Always been quite a worry of mine. I haven't had a single incident yet where I've been caught in public, but I have had instances where I could have been caught. Shirt riding up, bulge in the crotch from even a dry diaper, and the crinkle. Haven't been caught yet though. I figure if I am caught, I'll probably have to think pretty quickly in order to get out of that sticky situation!

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    I've always been a bit worried someone might notice I'm wearing a diaper but I usually remind myself that no one would be staring at my crotch to notice. And I just play it cool and I'm pretty sure no one's ever noticed me wearing in public.
    However funseeker, I'm really that sure purposefully exposing yourself doesn't count as being caught.

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    i usually wear 3 layer nappies out in public disposable beefed up with a couple babies nappies cloth nappy over that and then a disposable over that and sometimes with some plastic pants to add to the feel

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    purposefully exposing your self is actually a act of lewd behavior. Now if you were having a wardrobe malfunction then that would be understandable. I have had my share of wardrobe malfunctions which I got caught wearing and holy smokes it was not pretty. And there is a time in school that I got caught and holy molly that too was not pretty ether. SEE LINK to see the full details of what happened and what the outcomes of it were.

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    Why would you want to show everyone your diaper? ._. Forcing the fact you're a Diaper Lover on people is creepy.

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    I've been "caught" wearing a few times out in public. Yes I've had people giggling behind me etc. But for the most part they've all been by accident. Such as the train starting to move and me losing my balance and falling over leaving my shirt to ride up etc. I don't really care though, there's so many people in NYC , I'm just another person walking down the street.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
    Why would you want to show everyone your diaper? ._. Forcing the fact you're a Diaper Lover on people is creepy.
    I still say it can be done cautiously. As a girl I love to wear dresses with diapers underneath. I don't purposely pick dresses that show diapers, but I do know that bending over, wind or my backpack can cause the dress to ride up a little. This could apply to any female regardless of their choice in underwear. I don't think I'm forcing anything on other people.

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    I find that people are largely oblivious to this sort of thing.

    I think it largely boils down to the idea that most people simply don't expect to see an adult wearing a diaper , and furthermore simply aren't going to pay much attention to the kind of underwear one's wearing anyway. Even those who do happen to pay that level of attention, or are up close enough to inadvertently spot something like that, aren't terribly likely to pass comment upon it.

    Additionally, and as has already been said - if someone is actually trying to get spotted then not only does this fall into creepy exposure territory, but they should also be quite prepared for negative reactions.

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    I have been noticed by somone else in a local Tesco`s while I wore a diaper/nappy but only because he patted my rump. If one is self concious about wearing a nappy/diaper than it can make it obvious to those who have interests in that kind of thing. Just be bold and do what you have to. I do and only a very few notice me wearing one.

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