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    I don't really have many dreams about diapers, but last night's dream just stood out so much I felt I had to share it.

    In the dream, I am with my girlfriend's brother and his girlfriend and he's examining a Bambino diaper I'm wearing, looking to see if it fits me correctly. He says "No man, you need something bigger than that" and he pulls out a diaper from his girlfriend's diaper stash. She looks at me like she's pissed. I put on this frilly disposable diaper with huge prints on it that is so thick that it feels like there is a pillow between my legs. It was the thickest and softest adult diaper I've ever worn. I was in love with it and made a mental note to buy these when I got home. I then put on my pants over the diaper and I had a huge bulge showing but I didn't care. I then met up with my girlfriend and we acted like everything was normal.

    It was a great dream. Has anybody else had similar dreams like this?

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    not exactly... but I dreamed I was incontinent and my mom was actually buying me diapers.

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    Was looking at this thread and reminded me of a dream I had a few years ago, In the dream I was a baby and wet in my dream and it was my sister that was changing me in my dream, undoing my romper suit. I don't know why but it felt so real and nice as I waken up. I've had a few strange dreams! another one was being a toddler and my mother had hold of my hand walking around the park feeding the ducks lol

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    I had a dream last night actually about diapers haha I was on campus and found a bathroom especially for incontinent and diaper lovers. There were shelves all around the bathroom with tons of brands. I took down an M4 when a bunch of other people came in just as I was taping up. Got so embarrassed that I ran out and woke up. Still good times dreaming though

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