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Thread: AB/DL Diapers versus Adult incontinence products

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    Question AB/DL Diapers versus Adult incontinence products

    I am curious if any AB/DLs out there feel better in an AB/DL diaper or a regular old attends. Once I found AB Universe and Bambino, I vowed never to return to adult incontinence products-too boring/not babyish enough. Thoughts?

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    It's preference. I prefer Abena M4s because they do the job well, where as Bambinos seem to babyish to me. I don't want to wear a diaper that says "Baby" on it, when I'd be fixing my car. It's polar opposites. Then again just wearing diapers in my everyday life contradicts themselves.

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    If AB nappies were easier for me to get in the UK i would probably use them as i do feel more babyish when i have a Bambino on! trouble is that as far as i know there is only one place that sells them in the UK and they are hugely expensive like 17:99 (thats $28.66 to those across the pond!) for a pack of 8 large size Bambinios, thats both the originals and the bellisimos, I have treated myself to 1 pack of the classicos and 1 pack of the Bellisimos (the bellisimos were my favourite) but at that price i would only have them as a treat like for my birthday or christmas! I'll stick with my Tena slip maxis as my normal every day nappy, they dont look babyish but at the end of the day they are still nappies, they do the job and when they are covered up by my cute onsie and sleepsuit then i dont see them anyway! besides being a baby is a state of mind, i can feel like a baby whatever I'm wearing! but yes i would definateley enjoy ab specific nappies if they were more easy to get and the price would have to be comparable to what i pay for my Tenas.

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    I suspect it's a matter of setting, mood, and level of security one feels in whatever diaper. I personally can do whatever. I've been out doing adult stuff like yard work wearing Cushies and Bambinos, and I've been in a very baby-play mindset in an Abena or Dry 24/7. That said, if I'm home and playing a bit, I'd usually go for cloth or something like a Cushie. But, if I feel like I'm going to leak or whatever, then it all starts going downhill for me.

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    Great question. I have many brands of diapers here in my room, If I am going to be out and about I wear Attends waste band diapers they are super soft, with a plastic outer cover and they are white with 3 tapes per side, very absorbent and comfy to wear.
    If I am in a baby mood i will wear one of my Bambino's or a cushie or BMX diaper.
    now to bed at night I wear a tranquility ATN because they fit so well and hold so much.

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    What a great question. The opportunity to select a diaper to wear depending on your mood is the best option for me. The cushies which are the fun diaper for an extended day with a booster is great. Several days ago I found a vintage Attends with the 6 light blue tabs and with a booster and plastic pants it lasted almost all day. We are so lucky to be able to choose depending on how we feel and what are daily need is.

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