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    I've seen these on a few websites, and the question here is, has anyone tried them?
    Are they not the famous Tena Slip diapers that people say are one of the best?

    They look like this.

    And for those who absolutely positively do NOT like ABUniverse, it's also on the Northshore Care page.

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    The Tena Slip Maxi is different. This bedwetting diaper looks good and seems to be a reasonable price.

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    I bought a pack of these in a store not realizing they had a faux cloth exterior (the bag didn't have any of the usual telltale indicators such as "breathable). I was really disappointed to open the bag and see them inside. Still, for someone who doesn't care about that, they're a pretty absorbant diaper, doing the job well despite a lack of leakguards. Certainly not in the premium range but with greater capacity than Depends or other basic store brands.

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    I have a case of Tena Supers, and I honestly don't like them all that much.

    They are cloth coated, but are actually plastic backed. Which doesn't make much sense to me.

    They use velcro fasteners, which slide, and tend to rip off the wings. They also pull off the backing where you "stick" them.

    The overall sizing is a little below average. It doesn't seem to be a big issue, but it's something worth noting.

    They also get very loose after a while, due to the cloth wings, which is a real bummer. They end up about 2 inches wider around the waist, so after a night in them, they are almost literally falling off. This is where the velcro comes in handy, though. You can easily readjust them several times to get them tight again.

    Negatives aside, they are actually very absorbent. They are reasonably comfortable, too. They don't cost too much, either.

    Overall, I would give them a C or C+. Not my first choice, but I do use them often, and they are far from the worst.

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